Acacia Fiber For Kidney Toxins | Eliminate Kidney Toxins Naturally with This Supplement


Acacia Fiber For Kidney Toxins | Eliminate Kidney Toxins Naturally with This Supplement

This video is about acacia fiber also called gum arabic or arabic gum and how it supports normal elimination of kidney toxins and it supports normal kidney function and kidney health.

We’re talking about acacia fiber, one of my favorite supplements for supporting kidney health. I think everybody should at least try it and see how it does. Make sure to see your doctor to monitor everything and get that good nutritional support for your kidneys.

Acacia fiber is an ancient remedy that’s been around for as long as they started documenting the uses of it. Especially in the last couple decades, we have a lot of documentation on how it helps support kidney health. Essentially what it does it helps absorb the kidney toxins and then your body will normal elimination of those kidney toxins.

This has been used historically for people who were in regions that didn’t have access to health services and so they use this acacia fiber. It is very popular in the Middle East, Africa. That’s where it’s grown. It comes from the acacia tree and what this does it has a tremendous job of supporting normal elimination of kidney toxins. It also helps support a normal bun, gfr, and creatinine levels. It also produces short chain fatty acids. This is a substance that supports normal inflammation in your body and supports normal inflammation in your kidneys. It also does really well for supporting cholesterol levels. Acacia fiber is also a prebiotic. That is something that helps grow probiotics which you have naturally in your body. Good bacteria and these probiotics grow and the more they grow the more they help support normal elimination of kidney toxins.

Essentially what these probiotics do is they eat up those kidney toxins as food. So you can really see acacia fiber has a lot of benefits. It also can support heart health and normal blood sugar levels. A lot of people that need kidney support also need blood sugar support. It does so many good things. If you’re going to use acacia fiber the higher the dose the better. Start with smaller doses like one or two tablespoons and you want to work yourself up to about 25 grams to 50 grams of supplemental fiber per day. The higher you go it’s shown to support kidney health even better, so you want to try to get those higher doses.

Start gradually and make sure you consume a lot of water when you do this. Make sure you’re not fluid restricted or keep your fluid restrictions within that amount that you can mix into the acacia fiber or you mix the acacia fiber and whatever your fluid restrictions are. Give it a try it’s excellent it’s acacia fiber. It’s also very gentle on the digestive system. It’s a soluble fiber so and it’s really easy on digestion as compared to a lot of other fibers which can be harsher which cause a lot of gas and bloating.

You can find it online and you can find it out there at health food stores. We just came out with our own product here at Healthy Kidney Inc. called Kidney Restore Bio Fiber. It’s a 2.5 pound bag with lots of servings. It’s patented, it’s organic, it’s non-gmo, and it’s been clinically tested multiple times. Tests show this does everything acacia fiber does but better. You produce more short chain fatty acids. You can produce and grow more probiotics which all mean more kidney support. This is a supreme kidney supplement. You should consider using it in your program to support kidney health.

It also comes with a free a user guide here, so it even tells you the doses how to use it properly. You get great information plus with all purchases you get 60 days of email support from kidney health coaches so any questions related to diet or other supplements we can help you with. It’s available on amazon. It’s also available on our website. It’ll be available more places shortly, but it just came out. It’s also two and a half pounds all right, so it’s a great value. It’s generally about thirty one dollars and ninety cents. You can find some sales sometimes. Make sure to subscribe so that you keep getting our email with that information. This is a really great supplement. It doesn’t interfere or have any negative interactions with anything.