Acid Buildup with Kidney Disease | Try This Supplement

Acid Build up with Kidney Disease | Try This Supplement

this video is about how to tell if you have acid build up with kidney disease and what to do about it.

How to tell if you have acid buildup in kidney disease. One of the problems when the kidneys don’t work right, they don’t clear out the acid and acid builds up. This could lead to an issue called metabolic acidosis. Now first to tell if you have this you need to get a copy of your blood work. It’s estimated that only about 25 to 30 percent of doctors actually recognize this and look for it and treat it so get a copy.

Now on that blood work you’re going to find a section for carbon dioxide or CO2. It’ll vary, some some labs use carbon dioxide, some go by CO2. It’s still the same value. Now if that value is 23 or less okay you could be considered acidosis and you should use or have a trial run of sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate has been known for a long time to be very helpful for kidney issues, especially for acid buildups.

If your C02 on your blood work is 17, 18, or 19, you’re probably going to need quite a bit of sodium bicarbonate. Now 23 is the cut off so you could justify doing an experiment which a lot of people at HealthyKidney IncĀ  do meaning they see the 23 and they take a little sodium bicarbonate whether it’s supplement, powder form, whatever you’re doing and you can always check the next blood work to see how your creatinine is, GFR see those CO2 levels again what they are.

To counteract the excess acid, we recommend trying sodium bicarbonate. We have gone over the countless benefits of sodium bicarbonate, and this is just another wonderful benefit it can provide. To your best kidney health everybody. To your best kidney health everybody.