Activated Charcoal | Kidney Support For Later Stages of Kidney Disease

Activated Charcoal | Kidney Support For Later Stages of Kidney Disease

In this video we’re talking about activated charcoal and how it can help you support normal kidney function. For a lot of people that are outside the United States, they might not have access to activated charcoal but you may have access to a prescription medication called ast-120. That’s activated charcoal. It’s not available in the United States. Activated charcoal is over the counter and this supplement is an adsorbent meaning it absorbs those kidney toxins and can help support normal kidney function and kidney health. Now we have lots of studies on this because it’s a medication. There’s a lot of published data on it but in the U.S. you’re going to buy this over the counter.

Activated Charcoal is not something new or unknown. It does come with some precautions I’m going to discuss. We’ve been using activated charcoal for decades and it’s used in hospitals even today to help absorb alcohol poisoning and to help suicide if you swallow a lot of pills like in opiate overdoses. If it’s pills it has a lot of uses. We use it today in hospitals. Now if you’re gonna take this you can buy it over the counter and you’re gonna wanna take like four pills per meal. This is going to absorb a lot of those kidney toxins that are produced and it really helps support kidney health by all the research that we show out there you can go as high as eight pills per meal.

You really want to be monitored with this it’s not like some other soluble fibers that you can use to support kidney health because it absorbs things it also absorbs your vitamins and minerals. Not all of them, but some of them. What I’ve seen personally here at Healthy Kidney Inc. and what the data shows it could absorb iron. So you want to have your iron levels monitored or a little looked at whenever you go to your doctor to make sure you’re doing. You should be taking a multivitamin if you take it because you don’t want to absorb too many fat soluble nutrients. You don’t want to take activated charcoal with medication and generally without any other supplements at least 20 minutes apart but sometimes that can be an issue with taking all those supplements different times so it’s better to take them together than not.

You’ll still get a degree of effectiveness and just to cite a little research here activated carbon may increase clearance of your remix solutes that’s renal nephrology news July 28 2022. They talk about in dialysis how it can be used to absorb more of those toxins, have better creatinine clearance ast-120 is a drug we got tons of studies on that frontiers in pharmacology. July 21st, 2021 a little meta-analysis on a lot of studies out there showing that it can help support good kidney health. So that’s activated charcoal you can get it anywhere where they have variety and sell supplements online.

Generally use it for the later stages of kidney issues. You wouldn’t use it in the earlier stages generally in the later stages you’re going to have more of that toxin build up so generally it’s not used earlier. Make sure you get monitored by your doctor and watch those precautions that I mentioned.

Thanks for watching everybody and to your best kidney health.