Acute Kidney Injury And COVID-19…The Connection That Can Ruin Your Recovery

Doctors are warning kidney patients to take extra care as they are shown to be more susceptible to kidney damage due to covid-19. In New York, doctors are reporting more than one-third of hospitalized patients developed acute kidney injury. This is damage to the kidney which prevents it from filtering out waste. What is alarming is this only appears to be happening in New York City. In Washington State, only one-fifth of patients in the same condition are developing accute kidney injury.

One study looked at 1,000 covid-19 patients at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center from March 1 to April 5. 34 percent either had acute kidney injury to begin with or would develop it. 13.8 percent would require dialysis. Of all ICU patients, 80 percent developed the condition, while 35.2 percent required dialysis.

By comparison, Washington State only had 19 percent. For more information on CKD and COVID-19 be sure to read our backlog of articles, here are two related ones:

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