African Americans and Kidney Disease | More Likely to be Deficient in Vitamin D

African Americans and Kidney Disease | More Likely to be Deficient in Vitamin D

This video is about African Americans and Kidney Disease. Now if you have chronic kidney disease and you’re African American, you’re a black person, you’re a person with a darker skin pigmentation, you more likely will be deficient in vitamin D and need higher and longer amounts of vitamin D to help correct the deficiency. When you do, there’s just a lot of positive benefits that happen.

Today I’m referencing a study from the Journal of Nutrients, May, 2022. “Oral Cholecalciferol Supplementation in Sahara Black People with Chronic Kidney Disease Modulates Cytokine Storm, Oxidative Stress Damage and Athero-Thromboembolic Risk.” So many good things happen when you get that vitamin D in a proper range.

If you’re darker skin tone, you’re a black person, make sure to get tested. You probably need to take higher amounts for longer periods of time to help yourself, and to help your kidneys.

Black or African Americans are upwards of 3 times as likely and Hispanics or Latinos are 1.3 times more likely to experience kidney failure and End Stage Renal Disease than White Americans. This is due to the fact that minority populations statistically experience significantly higher rates of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart disease, all of which raise the probability of getting chronic kidney disease.

The Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islander, American Indian, or Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, community may be at an increased risk for chronic kidney disease.

These communities access to healthcare may also play a role. Vitamin D deficiencies have been reported in all types of people, but most notably in the elderly, people with darker skin color (African-Americans), and obese people. If you suspect kidney problems, and to keep track of your overall health. Get your vitamin D levels tested. They can be tested through a basic blood test. Supplement as needed. To your best kidney health everyone.