This Antioixdant Can Improve Kidney Damage For Diabetic Kidney Disease

Alpha-lipoic acid (LA) can substantially benefit diabetics with kidney disease. Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant often derived from foods but most individuals fail to get enough LA just through their diet. It helps prevent various types of cell damage in your body and helps maintain healthy levels of vitamin C and vitamin E. Your body used alpha-lipoic acid to break down carbs from your diet and make energy for your body. 



Diabetic kidney disease accounts for up to 50 percent of cases of kidney failure so that’s a lot of diabetic kidney damage and today’s video is about how to improve your diabetic kidney damage. Your diabetic nephropathy with an over-the-counter very safe supplement that has dozens of published peer-reviewed research on it. Thanks for tuning in, Robert Galarowicz, this is our channel at Healthy Kidney Inc and today we’re talking about a really powerful super nutrient called alpha-lipoic acid.



Your body makes alpha-lipoic acid, a little bit of it you get some nutrients from a variety of foods like broccoli, potatoes, different vegetables. You can’t get enough from food to have a therapeutic effect so that’s why we’re talking about it in supplement form and alpha-lipoic acid has been around for a long time and it’s over the counter and has shown to do tremendous things when it comes to diabetic kidney disease and I think everybody that has diabetic kidney disease should probably use it for a period of time and see the results you get. I’m going to go through just a couple of journal citations here and peer-reviewed research so that you just see how strong this is and how you know how much research is behind, it’s not something new it’s not something that just came out. We have 2012 helps pain management diabetic nephropathy that’s from the Ankle specialty journal, 2012. The journal of college of physician surgery, 2019 October aka helps diabetic nephropathy open medical journal 2017. Journal clinical laboratory analysis 2017 and dozens more all showing alpha-lipoic acid in human trials human studies in people and there’s plenty more with pets, with mice test tubes rats but alpha-lipoic acid now you know about it.



It is critical for diabetic nephropathy for your kidney health so it’s gonna help your blood sugar and what they really find that it does in kidney disease it helps lower protein in the urine. For diabetic nephropathy, it’s a powerful antioxidant so it helps those cells and it helps lower inflammation across the board. That’s a really big thing so alpha-lipoic acid you have to pick it up over the counter at a vitamin store or you can order it online. If you buy alpha-lipoic acid you want to use 600 milligrams twice a day that’s 600 milligrams twice a day morning and night afternoon and night you know whatever your schedule permits but twice a day don’t get 300, don’t get a 100, don’t get 50 because it’s not going to work. The studies are pretty clear higher dose the better and I don’t go below 600 twice a day which is shown in most of the research and those tremendous good benefits for diabetic nephropathy you should definitely give it a try for at least six months if you use alpha-lipoic acid longer than six months you might have to take some copper with it, I generally recommend copper after six months of use of alpha-lipoic acid.



Take about two milligrams of copper daily just for about 30 to 60 days because alpha point acid is a key later it pulls metals out of your body and that’s generally a good thing because you want to get the heavy metals that you accumulate in your body naturally through the environment, through living in a city that has a lot of pollution through living by a highway living by any heavily trafficked areas from the pipes that carry water to your house so we’re always exposed to some degree in heavy metals and alpha-lipoic acid helps chelate that but in return, it takes out a little bit of copper so it’s recommended if you’re going to go more than six months supplementation with alpha-lipoic acid for like 30 60 days after that six months do a little bit of copper two milligrams and then again until you do six months again of alpha-lipoic acid. If you’re going to stay on it every six months or so, you should do a little bit of copper but take it as it’s great for your kidney health. You have to do something to improve your kidney health if you leave it up to just the professionals who see you for 15 minutes who don’t think about you right after you walk out the door. It’s generally not going to turn out good for you in the long term. Thanks for watching everybody to your best kidney health, bye.


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