Are Energy Drinks Bad For Kidney Disease? Boost Energy In Kidney Disease


In this day and age, energy drinks are used in many people’s lives for energy or for that extra kick. With kidney problems, drinking these energy drinks can further kidney damage. Most energy drinks are known for increasing one’s blood pressure and heart rate, especially in people with kidney disease.


In today’s video, Robert speaks upon the news about a young man who created liver and heart failure due to his intake of energy drinks. He advises that there are safer alternatives that one can use if you have kidney disease. If you had kidney issues, energy drinks could be a factor in possibly sending you into kidney failure.


Drinking an energy drink a day could lead to high blood pressure and a faster heart rate in a short period of time. He mentions that an alternative to energy drinks can be coffee. Coffee is proven to be beneficial and safe for people with kidney disease. Robert ensures that coffee is safe to have and could be taken with essential amino acids like L-Carnitine, an amino acid used for anemia and energy. He suggests using little to no sugar in your coffee or, if interested, monk fruit.


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