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Folic Acid Could Be Just What You Need To Keep CKD In Check!

A new tool in the arsenal of natural treatments for chronic kidney disease has been discovered thanks to a new Chinese study which sought to affirm the correlation between folic acid therapy and improved renal function. The study drew from a pool of 15,104 participants, 1,671 of whom had CKD. The participants were each given […]

‘Minor’ Acute Kidney Injuries Can Lead To Major Problems and Chronic Kidney Disease

When the kidneys become damaged, as is the case with acute kidney injuries, kidney function can become impaired.  Some of the causes of acute kidney injury include: Dehydration Pneumonia Blood Loss Certain medicines, such as anti-inflammatory drugs Over a prolonged period, frequent acute kidney injuries are associated with kidney failure and subsequent death. A recent […]

In Chronic Kidney Disease, Awareness Is Key To Prevention

Chronic Kidney Disease is an illness affecting one in ten Americans and, not only hurts the kidneys, but the whole human body. The kidneys, when they are healthy and functioning normally, produce urine, balance out chemicals like calcium, sodium and potassium and produce hormone which regulate the blood cells. They are also an important part […]

10 Things a Primary Care Doctor Should Know About Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

If you have kidney disease, chances are you find yourself going on a lot of regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments, even aside from your Nephrologist. During these appointments, you’ll want to look out for a few of these things, and make sure that they do too! What one doctor considers a normal Serum Creatinine level may […]

Nutrition And Diet Could Save CKD Patient’s Lives

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently reported that over 90% of non-dialysis CKD patients don’t consult with a dietician even though doing so could radically improve their kidney health. Due to the obesity epidemic and longer lifespans, it is estimated CKD rates will steadily increase with time. Medicare, on average, spends $33 billion […]

The Proof Is In The Pantry! Diet and Kidney Disease Linked By New Study

Chronic kidney disease and diet have long shared a link and science has all but confirmed it. Participants of the 2005-2012 US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey were analyzed in terms of identifying a correlation between dietary intake and level of kidney function. Drawing from a pool of 21,649 participants, 634 of whom had […]