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Sodium Bicarbonate For Kidney Disease – Myth or Medical Breakthrough?

Sodium bicarbonate’s effect on chronic kidney disease has been analyzed in recent years due to word of its benefits being propagated throughout many natural health and kidney health communities and publications. Although its benefits have been observed time and time again, as we’ll delve into a little further in the article, there are still some […]

Should I only do diet and natural remedies for my kidney disease?

Question: Should I only do diet and natural remedies for my kidney disease? Answer: Absolutely not. Kidney Disease is a very serious medical condition and you should absolutely give your kidneys the best fighting chance possible by having a team of kidney health experts helping you, this means a Nephrologist who can steer you toward [...]

What role can nutrition and natural therapies play in helping kidney disease?

Question: What role can nutrition and natural therapies play in the treatment of kidney disease? Answer: Nutrition and natural treatments cannot be underestimated when it comes to kidney disease. Being a kidney disease sufferer myself I have seen both sides of natural medicine and mainstream medicine close up in dealing with kidney disease, I think [...]

What Is Healthy Kidney Publishing?

Question: What is Healthy Kidney Publishing? Answer: is my passion to provide everyday people with information and ways to to help improve their kidney disease naturally. And Healthy Kidney publishing is a company I created with the sole intention of helping people with kidney disease. This is a passion of mine as I am [...]

What Is The Question & Answer Page?

Question: What is the Question & Answer Page? Answer: Thank you for visiting and on this webpage, anyone can ask a question about kidney disease that I can answer publicly. I can’t legally answer personalized questions about anyone’s health conditions unless a consultation or product purchase, that includes support, has been completed. However, I can answer [...]

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