Beet Juice & Kidney Disease Blood Pressure Lowering or Hype?

Beetroot juice has traditionally been used by people as a remedy to activate liver enzymes and help increase the livers’ detox function. It’s high betalains levels have been proven to reduce inflammation, protect against oxidative stress, and reduce the risk of liver damage. 

But today, we’re covering a study conducted by Nitric Oxide Journal published in 2017 where they gathered a group of people with kidney disease who had a GFR of 41 and above. That number – 41, is something that kidney disease sufferers should abide by due to its high concentration of potassium in beetroot juice. Low potassium juices may also help reduce the odds of kidney disease. 

What they found was that consuming one or two cups of beetroot juice concentrate a day helps lower the blood pressure in kidney disease. It is important to make sure that your GFR is 41 or higher. Beetroot juice may also reduce the risk of kidney failure if consumed moderately. Given that beetroot juice may have a decent amount of potassium, it is more effective when you choose the ones with the lowest sodium and potassium content. 

There is enough research that suggests that beetroot juice may help those with high blood pressure to lower blood pressure – with the nitrates in the juice, helping to relax blood vessels and improve blood flow. The nitrates within the juice can also assist in increasing exercise stamina/ levels and boost physical performance.

Beetroot in general is loaded with fiber, folate, vitamin B9, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. These minerals are sought to worsen the state of kidneys if they’re not consumed moderately. There is loads of information on the internet but these are some stuff that you should know.  

Beetroot juice is recommended in moderation for kidney disease & it’s important to always check the potassium and sodium content on the label.

If you are below the 41 GFR, you probably shouldn’t do it.
But if your GFR is 41 and above, you could do it because you can handle the extra potassium.

Anyone who has low blood pressure pr is currently taking blood pressure medication should speak with their doctor before adding beets or beetroot juice to their diet. 

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