Best Fruits To Add To Your Dog’s Diet | Fruits To Avoid

Fruits For Your Dog With Kidney Disease

What fruits you can give your dog with kidney disease and some foods to avoid. So fruits and what to avoid so here are some common fruits and things that you want to avoid with kidney disease in your dog or at least you want to minimize and reduce. So
most meats, the reason is with this list is that its higher protein and higher phosphorus protein is tougher on the kidney and phosphorus that comes from most protein foods is also harder on the kidney so we want to minimize these foods or get rid of the ones we can like some of the treats and the snacks so most meats any jerky treats bully sticks rawhides pig ears antlers and any real bones you want to minimize reduce or get out of the diet completely in its place you want to give it good kidney-friendly things. We’re just going to go over some fruits maybe a couple of vegetables about what you want to incorporate because when you have these fresh fruits vegetables maybe they’re not fresh if they’re cooked let’s say or frozen it still provides so many kidney benefits.


Benefits That Come Along With Fruits

It helps with the toxin buildup gives you more vitamins and minerals helps with the fiber it acts as a prebiotic because what happens a lot of times kidney toxins get dumped into the gastrointestinal tract so your body can try to get rid of them so
fruits and vegetables help sweep them out of the body easier and so they won’t build up. Things you can give your dogs we got cantaloupes are excellent, cranberries, mango, peaches, pears, and pineapples these are all good things watermelon, apple,  bananas, and what’s cool about bananas and at least what’s cool about when it comes to cats and dogs or kidney disease that you don’t have to worry about potassium like you would with people where we can build up potassium with pets they don’t have that issue of potassium so sometimes they even need extra potassium so things like bananas are completely baby carrots, broccoli, and green peas are getting into some vegetables like zucchini, blueberries, carrots, so look to incorporate more of those foods give those healthier snacks you know to throw your dog some pineapple a peach a pear instead of going to all those other snacks like bully sticks pig ears jerky treats all those types of things so thanks for watching everybody include more of those foods in your dog’s diet it’s healthier it’s better for them.


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