Black Pepper Bad For Your Kidneys? | Seasonings & Kidney Disease

Black Pepper And Kidney Disease


Is black pepper bad for your kidneys? Black pepper and other seasoning and spices can be added to your diet to replace sodium and give things lots of flavor and support for better kidney health. Black pepper and seasonings are good for kidney disease and very helpful when it comes to supporting kidney health. There’s an active ingredient in black pepper called piperine and it’s shown to be very good for the overall health of the body and kidney health. Some studies on black pepper and supporting kidney health from test tubes to mouth studies so it is a good thing to include in your diet.


You’re including it as a seasoning and you don’t want to overdo it because that doesn’t mean you want to use half the shaker bottle of black pepper because you’re going to get problems. Everything spoken about in this video is good seasonings that have shown some research to support kidney health that you can try combinations of and you can try them in your diet. Black pepper gets a thumbs up for kidney health. Something you can consume into your diet more often and add to things. Another good spice and seasonings you could use are garlic. Garlic is very therapeutic whether it’s fresh or fresh or dried. Dried herb garlic is very therapeutic and turmeric has an active ingredient called curcumin.


Other Seasonings For Kidney Disease


Also good for the kidneys are ginger, cayenne pepper, oregano, onion powder, and onions. These are all great things that are good for the kidney now you can use these fresh or buy them already in dry seasoning bottles. Make sure they have no sodium and the combinations you can make to flavor food when you’re getting off the sodium is it’s really like unlimited. Robert is big on vegetable sandwiches, it’s just a thing of his and it’s easy for him because it keeps him on a good kidney diet.


He’s always changing the spices so maybe one day he’ll use black pepper and oregano so that he might be one day maybe use a little cayenne pepper. One day maybe some garlic or cayenne pepper but combinations are endless and then you have all your oils and vinegars. This can be used so you can mix along with this to make even any type of homemade salad dressings but these spices are really good for kidney health. Look to include them more often in your diet black pepper, garlic, turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, onions oregano, and finally onion powder. Ultimately, black pepper is good for your kidneys.