Blood Work Results | How My Daily Supplements Helped Kidney Function

Blood Work Results | How My Daily Supplements Helped Kidney Function

This video is about my blood work results of a follow-up on a video I did a little while ago that we’re going to about the supplements I take for my kidney health and this is what I was currently taking. Since the previous video I did my blood work and so this video is my blood work results.

First, my creatinine was 1.66 before now it’s 1.60. Not a big drop not anything really to brag about but it’s better. I was just hoping for any improvements on my lab. Second, my bun my blood urea nitrogen, came into a normal range. I talked about that in other videos too about how to lower it. I’ve always had a little bit elevated, sometimes normal, but it’s been a little elevated for a bit even though I follow a lower protein diet. I do most of the things that I should be doing but it still was high, so I started taking  300 billion probiotics per day.

It was the Renew Life 150 billion probiotics. I took two pills a day and that was in addition to my kidney restore that I take which is a 60 billion probiotics. So it’s 360 billion and I still take only 150 billion, but that 300 got me into a normal range on my bun. My gut feels a little better. Some of the minor issues I had so that was one positive thing. Two more things that changed my hemoglobin came into a normal range.  Hemoglobin’s a marker of anemia. Now in my case it’s not because of iron, it’s just a side effect of the transplant the medications and my kidney not making enough urethral pointent, a hormone that helps with the red blood cell production.

I couldn’t figure out why because the first time in in all these years that I actually was normal. I went looking back at all the supplements and I‘m pretty sure it’s the cordyceps that brought my anemia to normal levels. I looked back at a study on cordyceps and kidney transplants that I discussed in another video and when I looked further at the study there was a mention of helping anemia in the study. That is the only thing I can think of that really helped and the brand that I use is Host Defense Cordyceps.

I increased the dosage from 1500 to 2000 milligrams twice a day. I increased the dose too from what I was taking from a previous blood test and I think I have more energy. I had pretty good energy before but I think it’s a little better. It’s hard for me to tell because I wasn’t that low. It wasn’t that far away from being normal so it also could have been all the antioxidants that I’ve been taking.

The last thing that improved was my protein. The protein in my urine went to 600 where before it was 660. That was 1200 milligrams or 1.2 grams a day that I was excreting in my urine. Throughout blood pressure medication a change by a new transplant nephrologist that I’ve been seeing it lowered around the 900 range, and then now with what I’m pretty sure was just being really strict with my lower protein diet it brought it down into like the 600s. It came a little lower around to the 700-660, so 600 now is a 10 improvement. Any improvements good improvement a 10 percent lowering in my protein my urine to me I’m happy with it. I didn’t make major changes, do major things just switched up a little of my supplements and really watch my low protein diet.