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Blueberry Smoothies And Kidney Disease


Blueberry smoothies and kidney disease, that’s what Robert’s video is about and he loves blueberries blueberry smoothies because they’re super kidney-friendly and we’re going to go over just a basic blueberry smoothie recipe that he uses and can be modified to your liking. You can make it any way you like it’s really limitless on what you can do with smoothies. He likes smoothies for a variety of reasons, they’re quick and easy, especially in the morning he enjoys having a smoothie because it’s quick and easy, and can get out the door onto whatever he has to do without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.
You get lots of great good kidney-friendly nutrients and blueberries are a superfood for kidneys and no matter what type of kidney disease you have, blueberries are a great option. Blueberries are a great food to have and contain tons of benefits, their a superfood for the kidneys, so much good stuff, here’s the base recipe that he uses. He uses about a cup of frozen blueberries unsweetened and they’re frozen you can use fresh. He prefers frozen especially in a smoothie because it gives it more than a colder texture or icy texture that you kind of think of more when you have a smoothie.
One cup you can add in, yogurt now depending on what type of kidney diet you’re following is gonna depend on the type of yogurt that you’re gonna put in. You can put in about three to four ounces of a regular dairy-based yogurt always look for the ones that have the least sugar. If you’re having dairy in your diet and knowing if you’re going to have that dairy it’s going to come with more protein. It also comes with a small amount of phosphorous. If you’re looking to restrict those you shouldn’t do a dairy-based yogurt product so if that’s something that you’re having in your kidney diet.
Blueberry Smoothie Recipes
He’s been using it lately because he’s on a low to very low protein diet. He’s been using this delicious recipe, a coconut-based yogurt and it has zero grams of protein so it works for him but whatever your kidney diet is you can find some type of yogurt that will fit in there. He then adds about a quarter cup of oat flakes or oat flour and uses regular rolled oats or steel-cut oats. You don’t have to cook them, you can even grind them up even further if you want to make it like into flour but generally in the smoothie we’ll break it down and it’ll be okay from there.
You can add in water, about a half-cup or you can add in some other kidney-friendly kinds of milk like rice milk, coconut milk, and almond milk. so these can all be replacements and what they do too is they help add little extra calories so you feel fuller because one of the things with the smoothies is that you want to get enough so you feel full. Especially if you’re using it as a meal replacement as he would so that’s the base recipe. With that base recipe depending on the amount of yogurt you use you’ll have anywhere from 250 to 300 milligrams of potassium and phosphorous will be in that 200-milligram area. Should be very low in sodium, there should be like 20-35 milligrams at best because you’re using things that don’t have sodium in them.
So that’s the base recipe now you want to add more to it because you want to add more kidney nutrients to it you want to feel fuller you can surely add stuff in there. Often he’ll add flaxseed oil, anywhere from one to two tablespoons of flaxseed oil, or a lot of times he’ll have a liquid omega-3, liquid fish oil that he’ll use which is really great, really good for kidney health. A tablespoon of that’s going to be about 100 110 calories if you use two tablespoons of flaxseed you’re looking at that depending on the product you have 120 to 220 calories in that area you can always put in a little bit of kidney-friendly vegetables.
Smoothies For Your Renal Diet
Even if they’re not super kidney-friendly you probably can put a small amount in because they’re raw so you’re not as long as you don’t take a giant handful you just kind of take a small amount give it some flavorsome different nutrients and using those will get the calorie count up of that smoothie into the 500 calorie and that should help you feel full, help you feel satisfied to give you plenty of energy for the day, and you can add other things to it if you have any powder supplements like a fiber. You can put in that we talk a lot in videos I often I always almost always add fiber to it you can add in essential amino acids if you’re supplementing with those for a kidney diet or whatever else you know works for you.
You can put in there you can even if you’re don’t have any problems with like cholesterol you’re not trying to lose weight you can throw a little pad of butter in there some people do make sure it’s unsalted it gives a little bit more of that fat flavor. It’s limitless blueberry smoothies are a great thing to replace a meal good for any type of kidney disease you have as long as you’re not adding for diabetics don’t add a lot of sugar don’t put a lot of you probably don’t want to use rice milk you want to use more like the almond milk or coconut milk because the rice milk’s got a more calories from carbohydrates but whatever you do it’s great.