Can Stress Cause Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)?

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Good stress is the type of emotional challenge where a person feels in control and provides some sense of accomplishment. However, that is not the case for most people dealing with stress. Stress can be harmful to your kidneys. Emotional stress that stays for months can damage the immune system leading to high blood pressure, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and more.

The kidneys filter out metabolic waste like urea, broken-down molecules from the liver, small amounts of hormones and drugs, and trace toxic substances. They also help maintain healthy levels of minerals, water, and electrolytes in the blood – because too much of anything can kill you. 

Dealing with kidney disease can be stressful and may eventually lead to chronic stress. Robert answers the biggest question, most kidney sufferers have been asking, “Can Stress Cause CKD?”

It’s a Yes, and No kind of answer. 

Being under a lot of stress doesn’t really damage your kidney directly. We’ve yet to see some strong research on this issue but there haven’t been any promising studies.  This is where we’d say no, stress doesn’t directly result in CKD. 

Nonetheless, chronic stress can elevate your blood pressure which can lead to damaging your kidneys. Now, in this case, chronic stress, over a period of time may cause kidney disease if your blood pressure gets out of control. When dealing with stress, it can adversely affect your heart and kidney.

What can you do to get rid of stress?

Multiple studies have shown that meditation can lower blood pressure while under a lot of stress. When you meditate, your blood pressure drops, your arteries, and blood vessels are relaxed. This helps take some stress off the kidneys and can give them an easier time. 

For those who find meditation to be a hard task, you can always check out a guided meditation or even try out a progressive relaxation. A piece of soothing background music can mimic a relaxed surrounding. Relaxing your body has many benefits for your kidneys. 

In conclusion, stress may not always lead to chronic kidney disease but long-time chronic stress can constantly raise blood pressure levels and eventually result in kidney damage.

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