Can Weight Loss Surgery Help CKD? | Bariatric Surgery and Kidney Disease

Can Weight Loss Surgery Help CKD? | Bariatric Surgery and Kidney Disease

This video answers the question can weight loss surgery help with CKD?  Can it improve kidney function?

This piece of research from the Nephrology Journal, January 2022 was titled Improvement of Kidney Function in Patients Chronic Kidney Disease and Severe Obesity After Bariatric Surgery. This confirms a lot of other research we have that if you’re obese or going towards severely obese and your candidate for this surgery and you have chronic kidney disease it’s really something you want to consider.

Most of the research shows that people do get improvement in kidney function just like this piece of research showed. Also when you lose the weight, it helps everything else. It can help diabetes, it can help your cholesterol, it can help any health issue that you have. You’re generally going to see an improvement with it.

If you’re on the fence or you’re not sure and if you haven’t been successful before with losing weight on your own it’s just not something that works for you, this can be something that’s a good option for a lot of people. You definitely got to talk to the specialist, you got to talk to your doctors, but this is definitely an option that has shown a lot of success in people to help recover some kidney function which is a good thing.

If you can do this and then you start adding in other supplements and other things to improve and support kidney health we generally see really good things happen in terms of supporting normal kidney health and kidney function. The research really shows better outcomes with this surgery.

In my personal and actually professional experience, yes I‘ve seen people that are severely obese who have had bariatric surgeries lose weight and the kidney function does improve which makes sense. Once you lose the weight, the less work your kidney has to do, and the less food going through your kidney and all the breakdown products. This surgery is something that could be an option take a look at.