Can You Die From Stage 3 Kidney Disease?

In response to a question, we received on our end asking, “Can you die from stage 3 kidney disease?”. This video elaborates on the issues faced in stage 3 and how likely it is for someone to die in stage 3 kidney disease. 

The short answer to that question is, No! Generally not, you’re not going to die at stage 3 kidney disease and should not stress about the kidneys not filtering enough toxins and building up waste. That usually does not lead to a person’s death. 

You may have other issues while in stage 3 kidney disease like heart problems, cardiovascular issues as the kidneys and other organs in the body are intertwined. However, if you experience other issues like heart problems, you may have to be more aggressive with your care. 

While in stage 3 kidney disease, death is the last thing you want to worry about. But it doesn’t have t0 be like that. Generally, in stage 3 of kidney disease, proper medical management, and consulting with good doctors can better your situation more than you think. It may also help to adapt to a renal diet and a healthier lifestyle. 

Individuals who sometimes end up dying are usually people with ESRD who don’t make it through the kidney transplant. In conclusion, having stage 3 kidney disease does not mean your condition will automatically progress to kidney failure. 

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