Can You Eat Fish With Kidney Disease? | What Fish to Eat With Kidney Disease

Can You Eat Fish With Kidney Disease? | What Fish to Eat With Kidney Diseas

Today’s video is about fish and kidney disease. Can you have fish if you have kidney disease? What are the better fish to have?

Today we’re talking about fish. Is it kidney friendly? Fish has a lot of research and studies behind it related to kidneys and showing some benefit. When we do look at eating fish it’s going to vary depending on what stage of kidney disease you’re in and how much fish you want to have in your diet, along with what your lifestyle is like.

Overall, fish in the earlier stages of kidney disease is generally going to be okay. You’re not going to have to worry if you’re on a low protein diet, a vegetarian diet, or vegan diet. You’re going to be fine in stage one and two.

Stage three is where you really gotta start looking to make some changes if you have kidney disease such as change in your diet,  your lifestyle supplements, and so on. You wanna be active in your kidney health. Should you have fish in this later stage of kidney disease?

Since you have some impaired kidney function you might be leaking a lot of protein in your urine, so it all depends on what your diet approach is. If you’re doing a low to low protein diet, vegan or vegetarian diet, then you want to try to limit fish or minimize fish. You still want to eat animal products and fish is definitely a good option to have. It’s a better option to have over other animal proteins like beef, turkey, and chicken because fish has a lot of benefits including fatty acids and Omega-3s.

In stage three i’m going to recommend that you can have fish three days per week. Some of the kidney disease journals with diabetic kidney disease talk about fish twice a week or three times a week, so we’re going to say in that area of two to three times per week. Fish is going to be better for you and have more benefit than those harder proteins in the later stages of kidney disease. You do want to limit it because it is an animal protein so in stage four and five you may want to limit it to try to preserve kidney function.

If you’re doing a vegan, vegetarian, low to very low protein diet, you want to really limit the fish. Maybe have none at all. I do a low protein diet for kidney disease and I probably end up having fish maybe twice a week because it’s cooked for my family. I’ll cook it for my family for Sunday dinners.

When I have it I’m having a very small piece, probably about two ounces, which is smaller than the recommendation of four ounces. Depending on your lifestyle and diet and what you’re trying to accomplish, fish can be included in your CKD diet. It doesn’t have to be, but it is a better protein than other animal proteins, or  vegetarian proteins like beans. Soy products are preferred over fish, but feel free to have a little bit of fish.

Good fish that you can have with kidney disease include salmon, mackerel herring, sardines, and cod. These are fattier fish. Also, you can have canned tuna. Skipjack is preferred, but you can also do canned or packaged salmon. Make sure you get no extra sodium added. You really want to get the lowest sodium possible. That goes for everything. We got a great pdf handout it’s from the environmental protection agency which breaks down fish as the best choices  and fish to avoid based on mercury content. We’re going to have that on our website, it’s just a downloadable pdf it’s going to be embedded ,you don’t have to sign up to get it it’ll be underneath this video. Thanks for watching everybody.


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