Cannabis and Kidney Disease CBD And Marijuana Does It Help? Are There Any Effects?

Cannabis And Kidney Disease
Cannabis and kidney disease, the benefits, the bad things you should avoid if you should consume it how are you going to consume it. We’re going to break it all down today on this hot topic going around because of the legalization going a lot of states with recreational marijuana and so I combed through the national library of medicine went through everything I could find on cannabis cannabinoids and kidney disease quite a bit of research but we’re still learning so much more a lot we don’t know but to give you some citations we’ve got the Canada journal of kidney health. In 2019 February a review of cannabis and chronic kidney disease current opinions in nephrology and hypertension journal March 2020 the nephrologist’s guide to cannabis and cannabinoids. we even have a transplant study on cannabis effects before during and after when it comes to kidney transplants. so let’s break it all down quickly what is cannabis?
Cannabis with the name “marijuana” what was commonly known as was an illicit drug up until recently which because of the THC content produces an effect a high effect psychedelic effect which is what it is mostly used for. Cannabis is a plant it grows you harvest it you get the buds and flower and that’s where that THC is and we also discovered that there’s something called cannabinoids. In cannabis CBD for short which is over the counter, it doesn’t have the THC in it and that’s where a lot of research is. we have an endocannabinoid system and the body which are receptors that respond to the cannabinoids what do we know. so a lot of stuff first of all smoking marijuana smoking cannabis it’s not good for you because it’s shown to have cardiovascular events in people with kidney disease pulmonary meaning lung issues people had more respiratory problems so you don’t want to smoke it. if you have kidney disease make sure your doctor knows to make sure you know what you’re doing because you want to be monitored and you want to get it regulated.
Cannabis Problems And Evidence For Kidney Disease
The problem that they mentioned in a lot of studies is that CBD cannabis a lot of it’s not regulated and if you’re buying it off the street or if you’re getting CBD products a lot of these companies aren’t regulating so you want to get a quality product there is a lot there’s a lot of good quality products. I’m not going to get into each one but there are out there so some of the bad stuff I told you about when you smoke it we still don’t know everything about the effects of kidney disease because we’re still studying it. But in healthy individuals, they mentioned that there’s no problem there’s no negative interaction with the kidney when it comes to cannabis the main benefit the main thing that we found that it helps reduce pain in people with chronic kidney disease up to 30 percent that’s the number one benefit the number one study everything else.
There is not any research to show it works when I say research meaning we have nothing showing a positive effect with I take CBD and I got better kidney function I took CBD and my blood pressure went down maybe if you take CBD and your blood pressure is because of stress then you know if you’re less stressed you could lower your blood pressure but CBD improving kidney function or reversing kidney damage anything along those lines it’s not going to do it or at least we don’t have research showing that. and they did they do look at that they look at the function because they’re looking to see if cannabis and CBD had a negative effect, it didn’t look like it as we know but we don’t know enough about kidney disease.¬†
Kidney Transplants And Cannabis 
Kidney transplants and marijuana use before after showing more cardiovascular problems lung problems. so you really don’t want to smoke it also psychiatric problems and that’s also in the general population where more cannabis use increases psychiatric issues like depression anxiety schizophrenia and they found that also within the kidney transplant. so now the main thing if you’re going to do cannabis you don’t want to have it with the THC so you want to do CBD products CBD therapeutic doses generally go around 150 milligrams. you can always start with 50 work your way up but generally, you got to be in that 150-milligram area 150 200 milligrams to get those pain reduction benefits when you have kidney issues.¬†

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