Cat Kidney Disease | Help Cats With Appetite and Gut Health

Cat Kidney Disease | Help Cats With Appetite and Gut Health

Today’s video is about cat kidney disease, and two supplements that you can give them that have shown to be very beneficial.

Now even though we have a lot of products that support kidney health in cats and dogs, we don’t do a lot of videos because research is really slow. We do have some already on our channel, so look at those, but research is really slow with cats and dogs.

This is something that came out just recently from the journal of PLOS One May 2022. It’s titled “feeding cats with chronic kidney disease food supplemented with betaine and prebiotics increases total body mass and reduces uremic toxins” Prebiotics would help get rid of those kidney toxins as well as allow them to eat better so you can gain some weight and be healthier because they did need to gain weight.

Now if you’re going to use prebiotics, it’s a great supplement that you can use. The two that they use in this study are products that you’d have to buy individually and combine them. One is called FOS, that’s a prebiotic and they also gave oat- beta glucans, that’s another prebiotics that comes from oats and they use those together with another supplement called trimethylglycine and the abbreviation for that is TMG. 

You can buy these supplements separately mix them in small doses into their food, or you can syringe feed to get those in. Those prebiotics help the probiotics grow to consume those kidney toxins. TMG, trimethylglycine has a lot of different positive effects. Antioxidants to a degree can help with gut health and cats so two good things you can try.