Check Out Healthy Kidney Inc.’s Videos On Kidney Health

Here at Healthy Kidney Inc., we’ve been busy answering some of the most requested questions our clients have sent us over the past few months and making these answers as accessible as possible by way of YouTube! We have numerous new videos and continue to add new content daily, so if you’re not subscribed already be sure to do so! Here are some of our most popular videos:

Best Meats For Kidney Disease & How To Choose Them. Low Sodium, Low Phosphorus Kidney Diet Foods
How to select the best meat for your kidney diet, if your diet still allows for animal proteins.

3 Renal Diet Breakfast Options For 3 Different Renal Diets. Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan, etc Renal Diets
Confused about what to do for breakfast? This video breaks down some of the best meal options.

New Risk Factor For Chronic Kidney Disease. A Unique New Risk Factor!
New risk factors are always being revealed, stay abreast of the dangers before they doom your kidneys!

Probiotics and Kidney Health. Probiotic Drink Restores Kidney Health Video #2
Probiotics are one of the natural powerhouses when it comes to dealing with kidney issues.

How To Lower Protein in urine, Proteinuria & Improve Kidney Health & Kidney Function
Did you know there was a natural way to lower protein in your urine?