Cherries And Kidney Disease | Low Potassium Diet For Kidney Patients

Cherries And Kidney Disease
Cherries for the most part they’re very kidney-friendly, low phosphorous, low protein virtually almost no protein with tons of antioxidants. They don’t generally raise the blood sugar is very high but we do have too many types of cherries out there being sweet cherries and then sour cherries and cherries potentially could lower gout risk we don’t know that in kidney disease but we do know that in the regular population and when they study cherries with kidney disease it’s shown to be safe. Now, what’s the one issue with cherries that we might want to look out for if we have kidney disease it’s the potassium content. It’s not a really high potassium content and it does vary depending on the cherry but generally like 10 cherries will be anywhere from 150 to 250 milligrams of potassium. So if you’re like really have to wash potassium because that’s an issue with you, you probably don’t want to go more than 10 or 15 in a sitting because the potassium could add up.
It all depends on those cherries but you’re not going to know how much potassium each batch of cherries are so if you keep it to an amount of 10 to 15 that’s fine if you don’t have issues with potassium you could have more you can have 20 cherries or so you can have them as a snack you can add them in anything now like I said there are two types of main cherries on the market there are sweet cherries and sour cherries now sweet cherries do raise the blood sugar a little bit more okay they’re a little bit higher on that glycemic index, they’re at around a 60 area which still keeps them very low but they’re not super low so for most people with diabetic kidney disease. They’re going to be okay with about five to ten cherries generally that’s going to be fine maybe the higher amounts might affect you but it always goes back to your individual situation your health your blood sugar levels so the only way to know is to test if you’re really worried about the sugar levels you’re worried about your diabetes that you have to test you got to eat a few cherries test your blood sugar later to see how it is and see how your response is.
Sour Cherries Alternative Choice
Sour cherries are also a recommendation and Robert gets his sour cherries from an organic farm and they were good but they were sour, but the good thing about sour cherries is they don’t really raise the blood sugar at all. Their glycemic index is 22 very low so if it’s if you have the choice of which type of cherry to get prefer the sour cherry both of them are still okay and maybe you do a combination maybe eat five sour cherries and five regular cherries or eat ten and ten of each cherry whatever works for you but for the most part, cherries are very kidney-friendly very good for you. You should try to have them a little bit more on your diet now they are expensive and they’re not always in season so again this is up to you what your budget is what you can afford you can always look for frozen cherries which are sometimes a cheaper option that you can put in smoothies but it’s an option it’s something that you can do and that you can help your kidney health with is by having some cherries in your diet.