The Coffee and Kidney Disease Controversy…How Much Coffee Is Safe on a CKD Diet?

The Coffee and Kidney Disease Controversy…How Much Coffee Is Safe on a CKD Diet?

People who have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease often wonder what food they should have and what foods to avoid in their diet. What we consume plays a crucial role in controlling, repairing, managing, enhancing, or reducing the symptoms and the disease. Thus, people with chronic kidney disease, or with any disease for that matter, must be watchful of their diet.

Coffee is often the topic of discussion among the patients of kidney diseases as well as nephrologists. If you are suffering from kidney disease and wondering if it is okay to have coffee, then the answer is yes. As per the results of the research study published in the reputed American Journal of Medicine, one cup of coffee a day reduces the chances of chronic kidney disease by 24 percent. However, when it comes to coffee consumption, moderation is the key. Keeping the consumption of coffee to 2 cups or less is essential. It is because coffee contains high amounts of potassium, and a high potassium level is known to cause kidney damage.

Coffee and kidney disease have a complicated relationship where too much can be fatal and moderate amounts is beneficial. It is also conclusively proved that having caffeine increases blood pressure, even if temporarily. Hypertension and kidney function are interlinked, and chronic high blood pressure would slowly but surely erode the capacity and function of the kidneys. The way you have your coffee also needs to be considered as black coffee is typically less of a problem than coffee with creamers, milk, and flavored syrup.

Overall, it should be noted that drinking coffee in moderation doesn’t impact patients suffering from kidney disease in any way. Coffee consumption in moderation is known to help people with chronic kidney disease. As the compounds in caffeine are known to have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help not only with CKD but with overall well-being as well.

So, don’t worry about having to quit your favorite beverage, but do remember that moderation is the key. Healthy Kidney Inc.’s latest blog about coffee:…

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