Coffee, Coconut Oil and Chronic Kidney Disease Diets…The Answers To Your Questions

Healthy Kidney Inc. receives countless messages daily inquiring about this or that food and whether or not it can still be consumed as a part of a healthy kidney diet. By far, two of the most frequently asked about items are coffee and coconut oil. We took the time to film some videos addressing each one individually. Be sure to check them out in our ‘Videos’ section…or if YouTube is more your style, add them to your playlist of videos to watch and be sure to subscribe, like and comment! And keep sending in those questions! Are there any foods you’d like to know about?

Coconut oil’s experienced a huge boom in recent years as a cooking ingredient, oil and flavor additive, and many of you have wondered if it’s a healthier alternative. Here, we discuss its place in CKD and how frequently, if at all, you should be consuming it.

Coffee! We all love it, it helps us get through the day and supercharges our energy levels, but it’s a drink that has a bit of an infamous reputation in the CKD community. Fortunately, the latest research is very promising.