Cognitive Decline In Those With Kidney Problems Could Begin As Early As Middle Age

Scientists are warning those with more episodes of moderate/high end-stage renal disease (ESRD), they may be vulnerable to cognitive problems in middle age. One study looked at the association between ESRD risk exposure during young adulthood and cognitive performance in middle life.


The study looked at 2,604 participants from young adulthood to midlife. Researchers measured estimated glomerular filtration rate and albumin-to-creatinine ratio every five years. When patients visited, one objective was to define moderate/high risk for ESRD. At age 30, cognitive performance was determined. Additionally, the association of ESRD risk categories with cognitive function was examined.


The results showed 16 percent of the study participants had one or more episodes of ESRD risk exposure over the course of 20 years. In individuals with higher-risk episodes, lower composite cognitive function, psychomotor speed, and executive function were seen. Taking steps to boost one’s cognitive function early on, may be particularly beneficial for those at risk. A high quality fish oil, like Kidney Shield has long been considered ‘brain food’ and can help keep your cognition sharp for years to come.

Some other steps you can take to keep your cognitive function going strong include:

  • Consuming more blueberries


  • Adding cilantro to dishes


  • Quitting smoking and cutting down on excessive alcohol consumption


  • Getting more exercise


  • Stimulating the mind with puzzles, games, Sudoku, etc.


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