List Of Best Commercial Cat Foods For Cats With Kidney Disease

Getting your cat with kidney disease the best commercial cat foods can be an easy way to keep their kidneys healthy. There are multiple areas you need to monitor for your cat’s kidney disease diet. Kidney disease is a common issue faced by older cats. In this video, Robert breaks down key nutrients that are good for cats’ kidney disease and provides a list of the best commercial cat foods for kidney disease.


Today’s video is about commercial cat food and kidney disease so it was put together by one of our on-staff pet nutritionists and it’s a great article and we have the whole article on our blog which I’m going to be recapping here if you’re new to our channel first time, here make sure to subscribe where we give you great things through all of our videos and blogs to help pets and people support kidney health.


So let’s get into it your cat’s got kidney disease you can make your own cat food which is the preferred option but that’s not the option for a lot of people, for most people they don’t have the time, energy, and resources to go making their own food so you’re gonna go out and buy food. Now you can buy dry food or you can buy wet food. You always want to buy that wet moist food because it’s healthier and better for your cats that have kidney issues. That was one criteria we used for this list, second off all these cat foods the reason that makes them kidney-friendly is they have lower amounts of phosphorus, lower amounts of protein, a little higher amounts of potassium which is different than with people with kidney disease we want to sometimes restrict that potassium but with cats it’s perfectly okay to get more potassium because it helps them they’re also caloric controlled so they have maybe a little bit more calories most of them to try to keep weight on your pet and in earlier stages of kidney disease what you can do is you don’t have to switch the diet completely over you can gradually increase it you could really do this in any stage but in the earlier stages you have more time to gradually introduce things as opposed to the later stages where you want to be more aggressive so early stages or later you can just start adding some of that renal cat food with the regular food to get them acclimated to it to get them more used to it.


Let’s go through the list of all the different renal cat foods out there so here we go and as I mentioned they add good stuff to a lot of these cat foods like essential fatty acids, b vitamins, fiber, all right so here’s our list from our pet nutritionist hills prescription diet kidney disease cat food. Chicken, vegetables, and tuna are based a lot of these and they’re low sodium controlled phosphorus high levels amino acids so that’s another good one here is Purina pro plan KF kidney function that’s another common one you can find most places. Royal Canine veterinary diet renal support all right and these are very common very easy to find in most places so you don’t have to stress about looking for these on the internet most pet stores will have them. Dave’s pet food-restricted diet phosphorus chicken liver and chicken that does require a prescription so something maybe not so easy to get Farmina to vet life renal blue natural veterinary diet kidney, kidney, and mobility so that’s a Blue natural veterinary diet, kidney mobility royal clinical nutrition adult health that looks like that one needs a prescription too but that also does help kidney stones. That’s a little bit more formulated for a lot of different kidney stones and that’s our list all right that’s a good list.


We’re going to have this all broken down on our website what the benefits of each of those cat foods are what some of the drawbacks are so it’s a really great article everybody should check out if you’re looking to buy commercial cat food for kidney disease. Thanks for watching everybody and to your cat’s best kidney health, make sure to subscribe, bye.


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