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Control Phosphorus In Kidney Disease

Control of phosphorus in kidney disease is very easy. Today’s information is coming from the journal of renal nutrition January 2021, this research piece was published and it’s called translation of nutrient level recommendations to control phosphate into food-based advice. They went over a lot and they cover a couple of main points in this research about how to get your phosphorus levels down how to control them because better phosphorus control equals better kidney health. A slowing of the loss of kidney functions better bone health and so many better so much better things that are good for you and your kidney health okay so the first thing they mention is switching out animal proteins for plant-based proteins.
Now there is still a very large amount of information even doctors professionals are still using the really old recommendations of not to use plant-based foods because of the high phosphorus and as this journal piece talked about which I’ve talked about many times we’ve got like hundreds of studies at this point the phosphorus that’s in plant foods is bonded to phytic acid so you don’t absorb as much as the phosphorus as you do if you had an animal-based food. Now they give circuit certain recommendations here for what plant-based proteins they talk about pulses some nuts whole grains now when they talk about the pulses they’re talking about beans so the three that they said were very kidney-friendly which was lower phosphorus was chickpeas.
Phosphorus Diet For Kidney Disease
That’s chickpeas you can make that into hummus kidney beans and butter beans so those are the three good beans to look to include in your diet. and Take out some of those animal proteins and they were looking at about three to four ounces per serving they found that amount was good to control the phosphorus level give you the nutrients you need if you’re eating an adequate protein diet with kidney disease or lower protein diet that still gave a good amount and that’s acceptable that’s something you can do. As far as nuts they mentioned peanuts and cashews as having the lowest phosphorous content and always unsalted okay you always want to have unsalted no matter what you have. If it’s the beans no salt there’s lots and lots of natural flavors out there that are salt-free the mist dash line of salt-free seasonings that’s like a staple in my house. 
Robert has a lot of them and is always buying them because I’m always using them. Robert loves the chicken flavor no salt really good for seasoning things they talk about whole grains about using some oats oatmeal because of lower phosphorus content they talk about using some whole wheat bread okay instead of other bread out there avoid the sourdough because it will always control phosphorus in kidney disease, avoid the soda bread they mention in there so those are what you want to swap out some of the animal proteins and include those now they also mentioned boiling okay boiling reduces phosphorus content but you have to discard the water that’s the main thing with it so if you’re looking to control phosphorus further you can always boil your foods and then discard the water and then from there, you can consume the foods or you can boil them and then quickly cook them another way.
Foods And Phosphorus Content
If you’re looking to get some flavor but boiling reduces phosphorus content if you get rid of the water you can’t consume the water that you boiled in okay so good that’s uh those are some of the main areas another one is watching for additives there’s a lot of phosphorous additives listed always generally listed on the package as p-h-o-s and you look on the back of the nutrition facts to find that now where most of those are going to be found the large amounts are processed meats so any type of those processed meats cold cuts pepperoni bologna and any processed meats even turkey is going to have a high phosphorus content. Avoid all sodas soft drinks high phosphorus canned foods tend to have high phosphorus baked goods okay baked goods like your cakes pies candies those also have high phosphorus and those foods, in general, are just not good for kidney health so you shouldn’t avoid them
If you’re looking to lower your phosphorus you have those three main recommendations switch to the plant-based proteins boil the water discard it and watch the food additives, okay so those are the main things now fourth thing if you really uh want to control even further if those things aren’t working for you we have a great product called phosphix which supports healthy phosphorous levels with ingredients that are great for kidney health they support good kidney health so this is our product phosphix here you can find it on amazon you can find it on our website one to two pills with each meal and it really helps support a healthy phosphorous level that you can measure on your before and after blood work so always want to measure to see what’s working and what’s not so if you have high phosphorus try those recommendations. 

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