CoQ10 For Kidney Disease | Kidney Health Supplement Benefits

CoQ10 For Kidney Disease
Coq10 for kidney disease is very common nowadays with kidney patients. CoQ10 is a vitamin-like substance it’s found in every cell in the body. If they would have discovered coq10 50 60 70 years ago they definitely would have considered it a vitamin but since we discovered it later they don’t classify it as a vitamin. It’s found in every cell in the body it’s used for just about every process for making energy to repair to growth for your cardiovascular system, your heart, and all your vessels in your body. It’s used for your brain and especially the kidneys. The kidneys love CoQ10 because it has so many benefits especially for kidney health now before I get into coq10 and the benefits there are two types of CoQ10 on the market ubiquinol and ubiquinone. Now ubiquinol has been the one that’s been most studied because it’s been out the longest ubiquinol came out later it’s it is a higher absorption rate and it’s shown to be better over ubiquinone.
The problem is that it’s way more money, it’s a lot more expensive, and as I mentioned almost the majority of the studies are done in the ubiquinone form, not the ubiquinol. So the problem with ubiquinol, even though it may be better, looks like it could be better, it’s way more money, and might be the doses to be therapeutic might not be in everyone’s budget. However, don’t worry about that because as I said all the research was done in regular code q10 ubiquinone and I use ubiquinone sometimes I use a bicone this is the one that I use this is my coq10 here and I tend to rotate brands depending on you know where I’m ordering from and there’s tons of research when it comes to CoQ10 so I’m going to give you a little bit of research meta-analysis current pharmaceutical design journal 2018, the title is the effects of coenzyme 210 supplementation on metabolic profiles of patients with chronic kidney disease, a systemic review, and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. So when they looked at this study they what they did here this was a study where they took other studies. They got rid of the bad ones they included the good studies with good designs and they determined and came up with the results based on these other studies shown and so what can CoQ10 do for your kidneys.
CoQ1o Benefits And Supplement Doses 
So many good things let’s get into it, first of all, it can help your triglyceride levels. It can help lower triglycerides it can help your HDL levels to bad cholesterol it could help to fast glucose-insulin and one thing that it can do can help lower the creatinine increase the GFR don’t expect giant increases in creatinine and GFR. But we can look for some positive movement and good things so when it comes to coq10 it’s one of those supplements I feel it should be higher on your supplementation list when if you’re taking things specifically for the kidneys because it’s just so good it’s so powerful it does so many good things it also helps the cardiovascular system the brain if you’re taking statin medications those are like Lipitor Simba statin these are all in the class of statin medications that lower cholesterol which is very common that many people will use and they’re very common when people have kidney disease are prescribed now statins do deplete coq10 so they actually take coq10 out of your body leaving the rest for your body to use so it’s often recommended.
If you’re on statins, you should take some Coq10, a low dose now but what’s the dose, what’s that magic number you can go to the store and buy? Any coq10 can be taken and it’s probably not going to do anything for you unless it’s dosed therapeutically so it’s got to be at that right number. Robert recommends at least 200 milligrams of coq10 a day upwards of 400 milligrams per day now the pill I take is 400 milligrams I take a high dose because i don’t ever want to go back to kidney failure dialysis again I’ve been there I know what that’s like and I want to do everything to avoid it so I take a really high dose and it’s just so good for you it helps everything else in the system it’s it’s very safe with medications almost no interactions with meds that I know of so feel free to try it take it coq10 one thing is you do want to get a quality brand because manufacturing does count there’s a lot of brands out there a lot of good good quality brands off the top of my head that I know have third party verifications they’ve been audited doctor’s best now foods douglas labs pure encapsulations protocol for life balance so so many brands out there that are good quality you can always call the companies and check on their certifications if you like and if they’re using FDA registered manufacturing facilities.