Cordycep Mushroom and Diabetic Kidney Disease | How Does Cordyceps Help Kidneys?

Cordycep Mushroom and Diabetic Kidney Disease | How Does Cordyceps Help Kidneys?

Today’s video is about one of my favorite supplements for kidney issues called cordycep mushroom and diabetic kidney disease, along with taking your blood pressure medication.

This information comes from the Journal of Phyto Medicine, January, 2023. “The effects of ophiocordyceps synopsis combined with ACE and diabetic kidney disease A systematic review and meta-analysis”  So ACE/ARBS are types of blood pressure medication that’s often given to people with kidney issues.

Cordyceps, the caterpillar fungus and medicinal mushroom, has shown to do wonderful things when it comes to diabetic kidney disease and when they use it along with medication. In this study, these are the results.

Cordyceps combined with ACE/ARBS has beneficial influence on renal function, decreasing proteinuria, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, and even oxidative stress and inflammation and diabetic kidney disease patients. So this is something really good, very safe to use, goes well with medication and I think you should try it if you have diabetic kidney disease and you can always get a before and after blood work.

I’ve been taking Cordyceps for a long time, over a decade. In general, when you use this, make sure to get at least 2000 milligrams, two grams a day, no matter what product you’re using, because that’s a good dose. Therapeutic doses go higher than that, but at least that 2000 milligrams. Two grams a day.

So I’ve been currently using doctor’s VA ultra Cordyceps. This gives you Cordyceps that has a standardized extract of two really good therapeutic properties that are within Cordyceps called Cordyceptic acid and adenosine. So I use two pills of this. Each pill 750 milligrams. So that’s 1500 milligrams once a day. I take a little bit of powdered cordyceps and I put it in some of my drinks throughout the day, but really the supplements is where the big benefit is.

Take at least 2000 milligrams, two grams of cordyceps, give it at least 30 to 90 days. Do your after blood work. See the difference.