Cordyceps and Kidney Disease | Herbal Remedies For Kidney Disease

Cordyceps and kidney disease are well-known in the industry when paired with each other. Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis), is a Chinese medicinal herb that is widely used to treat patients with chronic kidney disease. Patients with CKD often use cordyceps when they experience worsening of kidney function. In many investigations, cordyceps was a safe and effective treatment for people with CKD.

Cordyceps is a mushroom, in supplement form a therapeutic mushroom that has been grown to a certain consistency so they have certain properties which really help support kidney health. When it comes to mushrooms in supplement form, there’s a lot of them a lot of different mushrooms can be found with the most research. In most studies and the most therapeutic is cordyceps. Cordyceps, the mushroom for kidney disease, which you can find pretty easily online or locally. Cordyceps is very therapeutic and going back to a study to show you how much research and how old this is in the Cochrane library it’s a very big database that publishes studies and it’s from December 18, 2014, cordyceps sinensis a traditional Chinese medicine for treated chronic kidney disease and so they looked at it’s like over a thousand people because they looked at 22 studies and looked at all the results how it was conducted and they determined at the end that cordyceps can be a great additional add-on to any conventional therapies that you’re having. Also to mention that there this is in addition to whatever conventional therapies because the best results that you’ll ever see is when you combine the best of both worlds natural diet holistic and then with along with the best of conventional medicine. That was the main thing there about using the cordyceps in addition to whatever conventional medicine you’re using and that it can be shown to help diabetic kidney disease it can help protein urea it can help lower your creatinine it can help increase the GFR, it can help a lot of complications.
There are many things that will help it could help your hemoglobin your serum albumin increase creatinine clearance so just real positive good things about cordyceps so before you go and decide to buy cordyceps. Make sure that you’re taking care of what I call the basics of kidney health so meaning let’s say you got diagnosed with kidney disease you don’t want to jump and go take cordyceps first not that you can’t take it it’s just that you want to look at the other areas that are to show a really big benefit like your diet the basic nutrients the basic essential nutrients that you need like vitamin d b12 levels of folic acid vitamin e and once you have those straightened out cordyceps can be a great addition. If you get cordyceps you’re going to want to use I would recommend anywhere around 1500 milligrams two to three times a day you could increase it to 2000 milligrams two to three times a day. You would keep it under the six grams, unfortunately, you know the studies that use and to really show results show that you got to take a higher amount and a lot of brands out there a lot. There is no one perfect cordyceps you know you want to try it you should test before and after with your blood work to see the results. Give it at least like 60 90 days with cordyceps but there’s one brand that’s held in the supplement world as being really good one of the top brands and that’s host defense mushrooms just gonna turn around my laptop host defense mushrooms that are cordyceps they’re a really high-quality respected brand where they’ve used a lot of their research at even major cancer centers and cancer studies they use their products in the study so very high-quality brand that’s just one of many out there there’s a lot now foods fear encapsulations doctors best Douglas labs I mean the list goes on and on but that’s just one good one.