Cordyceps May Be The Solution To Dealing With Diabetic Kidney Disease

We’ve long-touted the many varied health benefits of the cordyceps mushroom, available in pill and powder forms and easily obtainable from many supplement shops. Now, there’s another scientific study adding credence to those myriad benefits. The new study from China’s Anhui University’s School of Life Sciences has found more danger in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. Researchers have found diabetic nephropathy (DN), kidney damage due to diabetes, has been the main reason for death in those with chronic kidney disease.

In the study, researchers sought to observe Cordyceps cicadae polysaccharides’ (CCP) effect on kidney injury and renal interstitial fibrosis that occurs in rats with diabetic nephropathy. Scientists fed the rats a high fat diet to develop a model for DN in them. The rats were then given CCP for four weeks, where it was found their insulin resistance and glucose tolerance had improved considerably.

Additionally, researchers found renal interstitial fibrosis was slowed down considerably. Scientists believe this shows CCP is effective in providing some measure of benefit regarding tubulointerstitial fibrosis in rats. This may be because it suppresses the inflammatory response and modulating gut microbiota dysbiosis. For more of the latest kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, natural kidney supplement and diet information be sure to take a look at our YouTube page!