Could Coffee Actually Benefit Kidney Health? A New Study Suggests So

New data shows coffee drinkers might have some kind of edge in preventing chronic kidney disease. The Journal of Renal Nutrition is reporting findings which show drinking coffee being associated with a lower risk in people for chronic kidney disease, end-stage kidney disease, albuminuria and related mortality. Kidneys filter the blood of wastes and toxins, allowing the material to be expelled through urine.

When the kidneys function at reduced capacity or do not function at all, the condition is known as chronic kidney disease (CKD). As it stands, coffee is considered a safe beverage for CKD patients, though the amount consumed should be limited. This has to do with the presence of potassium, phosphate from milk and other additives and the amount of fluid.

The study looked at coffee and CKD using a cross-sectional, retrospective or prospective design. 505,841 patients were looked. Data showed a decreased risk for CKD for those among the participants who drank coffee. The risk for CKD-related mortality was lower for coffee drinkers. Those who drank two or more cups of coffee per day had a lower risk of CKD. They were compared with people who drank one or fewer cups. For more information please be sure to check out our videos on YouTube, updated daily.