Cucumber And Kidney Disease | A Food That Should Be In Your Renal Diet

Cucumbers for kidney disease are very helpful when patients are looking for increasing their intake of potassium. Potassium is found in many foods including vegetables and fruits but choosing the right veggies can help chronic kidney disease or CKD patients control their mineral levels and lead a healthier life. Cucumbers contain many health benefits like for example, cucumber juice contains minerals such as magnesium and fiber, which are very helpful for treating both low blood pressure and high blood pressure in patients. Eating cucumbers can help keep CKD patients hydrated and offers tons of nutrients than regular drinking water and can protect those with chronic kidney disease from inflammation and degeneration of the gums and other tissues surrounding the teeth which surgeons carefully look for in patients. Medical researchers found that a compound found in cucumber may help reduce high cholesterol levels, which is a major concern for CKD patients as heart disease is the leading cause of death in the patient population. Cucumber also contains many vitamins and minerals that make them a healthy choice to cook with and snack on for many patients with CKD. The high water content and vitamins and minerals that make up a cucumber are an essential part of skincare and this combined with sulfur and silicon can help CKD patients grow healthy hair.

Cucumbers for your kidney health thanks for watching this is healthy kidney inc and if you haven’t subscribe to our channel because we’re this channel is all about giving you great good information to empower yourself to help your kidney health and today we’re talking about cucumbers he delicious nutritious super friendly vegetable that you should have often in your diet no matter what type of kidney disease or kidney issue you’re dealing with so it’s very kidney friendly cucumbers low potassium virtually almost no sodium low phosphorous doesn’t have any protein in it so it’s so very good for the kidneys in terms of potassium it’s got about 180 to 200 milligrams per cup which is pretty acceptable in just about everybody’s kidney diet unless you have a real issue with potassium so it’s kidney friendly it’s got some vitamin k very important for kidney health it helps with absorbing your calcium properly it helps with cardiovascular health with kidney disease which is a big issue has vitamin b some b vitamins in it vitamin c it’s got a variety of phytonutrients so these are different plant nutrients that they’re not vitamins they’re not minerals they’re nutrients that do a lot of good things that help with cell function and kidney health in your body.
It is also an anti-diabetic it can help lower cholesterol and now that information right there that’s from the 2013 journal of the phytorephia. Cucumbers are important and good, people should have them often in their kidney diet. You don’t have to worry if you’re diabetic about raising your blood sugar because they don’t raise the blood sugar at all and you can have them in a variety of ways you could have them in a salad that’s a very typical way you can have them as a snack. I sometimes have cucumbers as a snack with a little bit of low salt low sodium salad dressing you can make your own salad dressing I recently bought some of the bags that are brand of their salad dressings which are lower sodium so using those for a bit I tend to switch around and I’ll make my own cucumber sandwiches great I often put cucumbers in my sandwiches I make a lot of vegetable sandwiches and cucumbers add a lot of density in bulk so really good for vegetable sandwiches but regardless of whatever type of kidney disease you have if it’s diabetic kidney disease if it’s autoimmune if it’s from high blood pressure cucumbers should be in your diet they’re so good so healthy so kidney-friendly let’s take a look at other videos we have a lot of other foods that are really good for kidney health.