Curcumin and Children’s CKD | Try These Brands for Benefits


Curcumin and Children’s CKD | Try These Brands for Benefits

This video is about Curcumin and Children’s CKD, and a supplement you can take that can help lower their inflammation levels. It has shown to be very safe

This piece of research comes from the phytotherapy research journal April 2022 “curcumin supplementation and pediatric patients a systematic review of current clinical evidence.” So they pulled a whole bunch of studies here, one was on polycystic kidney disease and all the other ones were just about a variety of inflammatory disorders and they talked about how they gave curcumin to all these people including children who had the polycystic kidney disease. Some metric was improved in terms of inflammation so they had less inflammation. It’s shown to be very safe, tolerated very well, minimal side effects.

This is something that you can try on your child if you’re looking to reduce inflammation. We have lots of lots of human studies and human research showing how well it works. So if you’re going to give it to your child pills are often really difficult so I’m going to recommend a liquid. Now we have two liquids out in the market, one is a little better than the other but it’s also a lot more expensive and it may not be an option for a good portion of people out there. The other one is is really good too, but not as good as the first that’s that’s much more expensive. 

So if you’re going to give your kid curcumin, you can try these two liquid brands. First of all you want to get a proper curcumin that’s dose therapeutically it’s manufactured to some type of extract and there’s a variety of a few different types of curcumin extracts out there. The first one that’s the better one however you generally got to purchase about three times as much as the other one so it will raise the price pretty significantly but the brand is Terry Naturally® CuraMed® syrup.

If you take that you’re gonna have to take four teaspoons a day to get that good dose of anti-inflammatory benefits. Now that’s if your child is under 150 pounds. If they’re over 150 pounds you’re gonna have to raise the dose to get about 1500 milligrams per day. The dose I’m giving is for really for children not teenagers, so that’s why it’s a lower dose as opposed to if someone is like 130 lbs or more. If so they want to get that 1500 milligrams per day. The dose I’m giving you is a thousand so adjust accordingly.

The second brand which is still really good much less expensive is Qunol® Turmeric. You want to take two teaspoons to one tablespoon a day. I’m pretty sure two teaspoons a thousand milligrams and fifteen hundred would be the one tablespoon. The difference is CuraMed uses a bcm 95 curcumin it’s a very very good type of curcumin it works very well. The Qunol is using a c3 curcumin, also a very excellent excellent good one but not as good as the bcm 95 curcumin but much more affordable.

First i would recommend the Omega-3. Don’t jump to curcumin unless you try or do the omega-3s first. The omega-3s are preferred first because they’ve got much more research showing benefit.