Curcumin and Kidney Disease | How to Increase Kidney Function With a Special Curcumin Product

Curcumin and Kidney Disease | How to Increase Kidney Function With  Special a Curcumin Product

This video is about curcumin and kidney disease, and how a special type of curcumin supplement has some research to show how it benefits kidney disease.

There’s a lot of information out there about curcumin and it really does benefit just about everything they seem to research including supporting good kidney health. We have another video about curcumin too and this piece of research just came out all. It’s from the Nutrients Journal January 2022 and it’s titled Curcumin Supplementation: Meriva Modulates Information Lipid Peroxidation and Gut Microbiota Composition in Chronic Kidney Disease.

They gave people this certain type of (Meriva) curcumin for three to six months. After three months it started to show really great benefits. It lowered inflammation markers, it lowered uremic toxin levels, it also helped grow more lactobacillus type of probiotics. Then those grow they eat up and consume more of those kidney toxins, so it actually acted as a prebiotic. This type of curcumin is really beneficial if you have kidney issues and you’re looking to support your kidney health.

It’s not one of the first supplements I would go to meaning there’s other things that are more important like probiotics, possibly sodium bicarbonate, niacinamide, and coq10. Howver, if you’re looking to add something more after you’ve done a lot of these basic nutrients that you need for your body this can be an option.

This certain type of curcumin comes from the spice turmeric and curcumin is one of the active ingredients that gives it its therapeutic properties. Now, turmeric isn’t as good as curcumin by itself. The reason is they don’t absorb well. Turmeric by itself still has a lot of health benefits but the better you can absorb it the more health benefits you’re going to get and Meriva is attached to a phospholipid base and that makes it really absorbable. You get higher amounts and you get more support for your body and your kidneys.

I went to amazon and pulled a couple of brands off I’m going to read to you. I know these brands are quality control meaning third party analysis, FDA registered labs or beyond what the FDA requires. These brands include Source Naturals Jamaric with Meriva. Next is Physicians Choice Curcumin with Meriva. Another one is Thorn Research Meriva Dash S R (slow release.) That’s an excellent one. We got Doctor’s Best Curcumin Phytosome with Meriva.

Look at those on amazon they’re available all over the internet there are other Meriva curcumin products out there. You want to take about 1500 milligrams a day or close to it and it’s going to be three pills a day.¬†