Dark Chocolate And Kidney Disease! Can It Help Improve Your Kidney Health? CKD Treats & Snacks

Ever wondered how many people in the world love chocolate? It is estimated that approximately 1 billion people eat chocolate every day. Dark Chocolate is packed with a tonne of antioxidants and helps manage your cholesterol levels. Some studies also reveal improved brain function. 


Can You Have Dark Chocolate With Kidney Disease?

For individuals with kidney disease, dark chocolate can be consumed in small amounts as a kidney-friendly treat. A study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Nutrition in January 2021 showed how polyphenols in dark chocolate helped reap many benefits for people with kidney disease.


The type of dark chocolate we’re referring to here is not the type that has a lot of sugar and added fats. The dark chocolate used in the study were more in the raw form and contained pure cocoa content. Having your phosphorus levels checked before you eat dark chocolate can be a good way to start incorporating this delicious treat into your renal diet.


Dark chocolate entails properties that help with inflammation and gut health and with kidney disease, you’ll almost always have some inflammation and gut issues. Dark chocolate has many disease-fighting antioxidants that reduce blood pressure and lower your chances of getting heart disease. 


For daily recommendations, Robert suggests keeping it between 150 to 200 calories per day. That is a good amount that prevents excess weight gain and balances your phosphorus levels.


With Many Types Of Dark Chocolate Out There, Which Ones Should You Pick?
WIth kidney disease, you should always go for dark chocolate bars that carry a cocoa content or cacao content of 65% or more. The higher the cocoa content, the better it is. Dark chocolate bars with high cocoa content also tend to taste more bitter than sweet. 


If you’re dealing with kidney disease, feel free to treat yourself to small amounts of dark chocolate every now and then. Numerous studies also teach us how dark chocolate helps reduce cell damage. 



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