Decrease Proteinuria | What I did to Cut Proteinuria in Half

Decrease Proteinuria | What I did to Cut Proteinuria in Half

This video is about some of my recent blood work and the changes in the blood work and what to attribute those changes to, and what that means for you, what you can do to try to get some improved blood work. Im going to explain how you can decrease proteinuria. 

I got some recent blood work back, and it was a good blood work. My GFR was stable at 47, my creatinine was 1.6, my potassium was good at 4.6, my CO2 carbon dioxide was 28, phosphorus was 2.6, so all good numbers.

The one number that did change was that I went from 660 milligrams of protein to 300 milligrams of protein, a little bit more than half. What do I attribute that to? About a week before my blood test, I got a cold, I got sick, it wasn’t the virus, it was something else. I don’t know what it was but I got sick and I wasn’t eating as much. I really cut down my calories and cut down the protein I was eating. I was still drinking a lot of water and two days before my test I felt fine enough to go back to my regular diet, but I said you know what let me just stay on this diet.

It’s a lower calorie, lower protein, just less calories overall diet, so I stayed on it. I did my blood tests and the proteinuria was cut more than half. That shows you that by reducing calories, you can lower the protein.

You can always do a test and go on a low protein diet or take out sodium or do something to test it. You can see with the before and after results. If you’re a larger person, then losing weight will absolutely help your kidneys Even if you don’t do it in the greatest way, we do recommend a healthy way, it’s still beneficial so just a little kind of experiment.