Depression & Kidney Disease. How To Improve? CKD & Depression Fixes

Depression is a momentous topic that people should pay closer attention to, especially if someone in their house is depressed. For someone with depression with kidney disease, your chances of getting depressed are way higher.

In today’s video, Robert shares a little about how he had to deal with depression during his kidney disease stages. From going to dialysis to a transplant, depression is an underestimated silent-killer. Recent studies even reveal that 1 in 3 people living with kidney disease generally in the later stages can get depression. 

Many elements come into play to lead to depression and poorly functioning kidneys can be a big contribution to that. A lot of things are out of balance in your body when diagnosed with kidney disease. Unfavorable social interactions can add to one’s depression as some people seem to behave differently when around a sick person.  

The major question we’re answering today is, “What do you do when you have depression and you have kidney disease?”

One can take many steps to combat depression. You can start by fixing your diet and taking dietary supplements. Talk therapies are a great alternative for those who benefit more from in-person counseling. Medication is always an option and there many effective ones known to help treat depression. 

One awesome all-natural option if you have depression with kidney disease is by taking a supplement called SAM-e. SAM-e is a great supplement for depression and is known to have strong benefits on the liver. It has enough research backing it up and works fairly quickly than other medications. 

There’s one problem with SAM-e however, it’s a little expensive. When you notice a really cheap brand selling SAM-e, you should take a step back and make sure you’re looking at a trusted brand. One test even showed that a lot of these brands never actually had any SAM-e in them or had a very tiny amount. 

You always want to check with the manufacturer and make sure that they at least have a GMP status or and FDA registration on the label. Here are some of the most trusted brands Robert recommends:

  • Now Foods
  • Jarrow Formulas
  • Life Extension
  • Doctor’s Best
  • Protocol for Life Balance

Those are five brands that have always carried effective SAM-e and have many customers around the world. Their products may range in the $40 to $50 area. You should start SAM-e with at least 400 mg per pill. Taking those pills twice a day can show brighten up your mood or at least minimize your depression. 

Here’s the deal. Depression sucks and can often distort your perception of reality. Few people even admit that treating depression made them feel guilty. But what is more important is the steps you take going forward. For some living with kidney disease dealing with depression, SAM-e is a safe natural supplement that can bring out positive outcomes. 

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