Diabetes and Kidney Disease Diet | 2 Tips for Blood Sugar & Kidney Health

Diabetes and Kidney Disease Diet | 2 Tips for Blood Sugar & Kidney Health

This video is about diabetes and kidney disease diet. The first tip is the order you eat your foods. I have a full length video about this citing the study. But if you eat your proteins first, whatever your proteins are, fish, chicken, Turkey, red meat, eggs, beans, lentils, soy products, eat it first and it does not increase your blood sugar, as if you ate something else before that, it slows it down.

Eat your vegetable second. And eat whatever grain you’re having third. Second thing, have one to two cups of cruciferous vegetables at at least one meal per day. One to two cups of cruciferous vegetables. That’s broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, your garlic, your onions, your red peppers.

Have them one or two cups any way you want to cook them. You can put a lot of seasoning, but avoid salt. You can use some low salt mustard, low salt hot sauce like Tabasco and this will really help your blood sugar and your kidneys.

If you have diabetes and chronic kidney disease, you are definitely not by yourself. Approximately 1 in 3 American adults with diabetes also have alongside chronic kidney disease. The right diet can make a big difference in the way your body functions, but understanding what to eat can be a major challenge. What’s okay for you on one meal plan may not be good on the other.

Your food choices are essential when you have diabetes and kidney disease. Planning meals that have the right amount of carbohydrate, protein, and other nutrients can help keep your blood sugar in your target range and help your kidneys work as well as possible. Also, as we go over, the order in which you consumer your foods matter. Eating your proteins first before the vegetables will help control your blood sugar. This is a neat diet dip that you can implement right away.