Diabetic Kidney Disease: One Major Vitamin That Has The Potential For Treatment

Diabetic kidney disease is a common type of kidney disease With over 34 million Americans having diabetic conditions, diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney failure. About 25% of people with diabetes eventually develop kidney disease. Diabetic kidney disease is a gradual loss in kidney function that occurs in people with diabetes and treatment options remain limited. Your kidneys may be unable to filter blood regularly once they are damaged. High blood sugar levels can stress your kidneys, even more, making it harder to remove waste products which may eventually build up and pose threats to other organs. Vitamin E is a possible treatment option for diabetic kidney disease.


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Kidney Disease & Diabetes

Today we’re going to talk about diabetic kidney disease where 40 percent of people with diabetes will develop some degree of kidney damage. They’ll develop kidney disease and up to 50 percent of kidney failure cases a year are attributed to diabetic kidney disease. You can see this is one of the biggest drivers of kidney failure and it’s important to give multiple options. You should use multiple ways to address your situation so you can address kidney health, diabetes and we’re talking about vitamin E.


Vitamin E For Diabetic Kidney Disease

Vitamin E, a fat-soluble nutrient that has been studied a lot with diabetes, and it’s shown to be very valuable. Vitamin e has over eight parts to it. There are a lot of different types of vitamin e out there. This standard one is an alpha-tocopherol which is what you find in most places and even that has shown some benefit but I’m going to reference a certain product here that’s been out in the market for a long time, a certain type of vitamin e that has shown in research and actually more than one study shown to be effective for helping people with diabetic kidney disease. What it’s shown effective for was helping the creatinine; lowering the creatinine, increasing the GFR but it hasn’t shown effectiveness in the urine albumin creatinine ratio which is the amount of protein you have in your urine. When people stayed on this, people stayed on it for up to a year, and with this type of vitamin e, they improved their creatinine GFR.


What Did The Study Find Out?

After they got off of it after a certain period of time, in a three to the six-month area, it looked like six months, they lost a lot of the benefits so it’s something that you have to stay on which is unfortunate. You know we would have liked to see you just get on it for a while and then get off it and they don’t need it anymore but you know it’s providing so much benefit through providing antioxidants, it’s a strong powerful vitamin e it’s one of our most powerful antioxidants. You can’t get enough of it from food and what makes this one product really unique is that it has multiple parts of vitamin e with take it from certain sources which help you absorb it better and they also added other natural ingredients to help it absorb. Research nutrients journal, January 2021, a phase 2b randomized control trial investigating the effects of tocotrienol rich vitamin e on diabetic kidney disease so that’s a reference there but as I mentioned there are a lot of studies published on this vitamin e.


Tocovid Suprabio From Malaysia

This vitamin e called Tocovid Suprabio comes out of Malaysia which is the reason it’s more expensive here in the United States, so if you’re in Malaysia in southeast Asia anywhere in that continent you can probably get it much cheaper than we can in the
The US. Tocovid Suprabio is a potential treatment for diabetic kidney disease. The one drawback with anybody in the US is that it will cost a lot of money but it is an option. It’s an option for you so this Tocovid Suprabio I pulled it off at amazon it’s selling for $78 a bottle, it’s 200 milligrams a pill so they don’t use iu’s or micrograms for this, they’re using milligrams and you need two a day.


How Expensive Is It?

Ideally, you’d have to buy two bottles which make it expensive at $156 a month but it’s an option for some people out there if not you can still use regular vitamin e and you still get some benefit and there’s a lot of other vitamins out there that are really good that are less expensive but this is what they used in those studies, in those trials so that’s the Tocovid Suprabio vitamin e you can see it there.


Alternatives To Tocovid Suprabio (Available In The U.S.)

Now there is another company that does the same thing, they license it and it looks like they make the same product, NutriCology. It’s a little bit less expensive it’s $145 a bottle but you do get a lot more pills actually it’s a lot less expensive because you get 120 pills whereas the other bottle is 30 and you need two pills a day. So this seems to be your best bet NutriCology, is a U.S. company, a very high-quality company very good, it’s known to be very good in the industry quality control manufacturing so no financial stake in any of these companies. Just something out there that’s an option it’s a benefit. I actually have only used this in a handful of people who wanted to try everything, I did meet the company at a conference once and they gave me all types of information because I’ve seen the studies over the years and it does come out of Malaysia. It is expensive but if it’s in your budget if you’re in other countries, you might be able to get a lot cheaper due to exporting fees so something you can try, you can look at to do, it’s an option for sure.


Thanks for watching everybody, that’s diabetic kidney disease, you can take a look at that Tocovid Suprabio and to your best kidney health. Like, subscribe, comment, and take a look at all the videos. Bye, everybody.


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