Diabetic Renal Diet Snacks That Are Safe & Yummy!

Diabetic kidney disease is a condition when there is a decrease in overall kidney function that occurs in people who have diabetes. When this happens, your kidneys will not work as they once did to remove waste products and excess fluid from your body. Eventually, this can lead to damage to other organs.

Today, we’re talking about some diabetic-friendly snacks that fit in a renal diet. While there some food restrictions for those with diabetes, your doctor may have advised you to limit high amounts of sodium, protein, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. It is no easy task to simply ignore all your favorite snacks but you have to keep in mind that they often filled with transfat, calories, sugar, salt, and other ingredients that may harm the kidneys.

One of the best snacks for people with diabetic kidney disease is Whole-Grain Rye.
Rye is a part of the cereal grains family, which are all edible grasses. It’s related to wheat and barley. In order to make sure you get the actual whole grain rye, it is important to check the nutrition facts. One of the best rye snacks you can find at your local store is Rye Wasa Crackers by the company ‘Wasa’.

To keep things interesting, you can also add some cream cheese, peanut butter, hummus, celery sticks, carrots, etc. alongside. When you go for various condiments and vegetables, it may help to get the one with the lowest salt option.

This is one great snack for diabetic kidney disease because it doesn’t elevate your blood sugar level. You should also consider checking your blood sugar levels if your condition is more serious.

In addition, celery sticks are easy to get away with for diabetic people as they are low in sugar. Some other raw vegetables that can help maintain the blood sugar level are broccoli and peppers.

Whole-grain rye is an incredible snack to have for diabetic kidney disease and there a lot of other good renal snacks you can try. Adapting to a renal friendly diet can be challenging but is also a crucial step towards having healthier kidneys. A healthier lifestyle with the proper mindset can better your situation more than you think.

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