Diet for Proteinuria | Foods I ate to Cut Proteinuria in Half

Diet for Proteinuria | Foods I ate to Cut Proteinuria in Half

This is a follow up to another video I did about how I cut my protein in my urine in half by following a certain diet for proteinuria.

What exactly did I eat? This type of diet for proteinuria, which is a very low protein diet, should be done by people in stage three kidney disease or later.

You have to be metabolically stable, and your health stable. This may not be a good diet for diabetics because it is hard to control blood sugar often. Not that there aren’t versions out there of low or very low protein diets for diabetics, but generally it may not be the right approach for diabetics where they might wanna add in some plant based proteins.

If you do decide to do any diet, make sure you get before and after blood work. Let’s get into all those foods. So what did I have on this diet? I had oatmeal with blueberries, fresh and frozen. I had a lot of pineapples. I had two slices of a low sodium bread with either a vegan butter or a regular butter with no salt.

I had a lot of vegetable soups. The vegetable soups were just loaded with vegetables, from broccoli to cauliflower to cabbage, to some onions to potatoes. So I had a lot of vegetable soups, vegetable dumplings. One thing I had often, I was doing brown rice, white rice, just a whole assortment of steam vegetables over.

I did eat that meal out a couple times and for a little bit of flavor, I did use a little bit of soy sauce. Now soy sauce is generally a super, no-no, but I did only use a little bit of the packet, so I was able to stay within my sodium content. Everything that I ate on this diet was low sodium.

I did cereals like Cheerios, I did a lot of high fiber cereals with rice milk, raw vegetables with a little bit of hummus. I Had lots of fruits you can do with the hummus. You do wanna watch it not to have too much because you don’t want to get too much protein.

I did a little bit of wheat flour pasta, with a little bit of marinara sauce. A lot of times I use oil with vegetables added in, grape leaves, something you can do. Grape leaves are excellent low protein. I had some french fries. They were baked, so that was okay. I’ll have a little bit of roasted potatoes. Now with eating out, that is going to be a high sodium meal, but as long as the rest of the day I keep my sodium low, I’ll be within 1500 to 2000 milligrams per day. So that’s pretty much everything I ate on a very low protein diet.

Also, lots of water. Make sure to drink lots and lots and lots of water. Now with this diet, you’re gonna see that I didn’t really restrict potassium. You only restrict potassium if you have a reason to. That’s what the current recommendations are.

Make sure you take a multivitamin. If you’re gonna try this, you have to take a multivitamin cause you’re gonna be lacking some nutrients. You need to take essential amino acids or keto, lots of essential amino acids which have broken down protein without the protein waste, the metabolic waste.