Discover The Top-Performing Supplement For Dogs With Kidney Disease

Dogs with kidney disease must use effective supplements that can help clear out toxins and improve kidney health. Having a powerful and trusted supplement at your disposal is key for dogs with kidney disease as it can help reduce the progression of kidney disease and may keep your dog with kidney disease around for longer than expected. Kidney Restore for Cats & Dogs is a great supplement for cats and dogs with kidney disease. 


Today’s video is about a great, wonderful, best supplement in my opinion for any dog suffering from kidney disease whether it’s acute or chronic kidney disease but especially works great when there’s chronic kidney disease. So your dog has kidney disease. What should you do? First of all, definitely go get a good vet, having a good vet is so important because your dog is going to need those medications and that conventional care you can’t replace. You might want to get an opinion from two or three different vets because what I recommend for people that have kidney disease is they’ll get three nephrologists’ opinions. Get at least two different opinions for that proper diet: use a renal diet with your dog that has kidney issues. With hydration, make sure they’re well hydrated. If they’re having problems drinking you can always use a syringe feed where you take an empty syringe, they sell them at all pet stores you could fill it with water you could do this with food also more liquid.


Then you just put it in their mouth and the last thing you should do is definitely use some kidney supplements and we’re gonna talk about our kidney supplement which is called Kidney Restore for cats and dogs. You can see it there which I feel is the number one supplement on the market to help your dog with kidney disease, we have over 500 reviews on Amazon that you can look at and see the amazingly good things it’s doing for people’s pets, making much better kidney health, keeping them around a lot longer than what was expected.


Now, what makes our products so good is that when you have kidney issues with a pet or a dog there are so many factors that you have to take into account when it comes to addressing poor kidney health and it’s really hard to get it in. Most times you have to use four or five different supplements, now Kidney Restore for Cats & Dogs has all these great kidney nutrients in one bottle. First of all, we have 50 billion probiotics, these are kidney-specific probiotics that eat up those kidney toxins that the kidneys are not filtering out. They build up in your dog causing just a whole lot of other problems from nausea to not eating, not drinking, digestive problems, speeding the loss of kidney function from whatever the issue. When you take these 50 billion probiotics we have seven different types in here.


These are seven specific to get rid of those kidney toxins plus we have some phosphorus which is a little bit of prebiotic to help those probiotics grow we have a pinch of sodium bicarbonate which is going to neutralize the acid buildup that comes along with poor kidney health. This is always an issue by just having a small pinch it just relieves that stress from the kidney, it takes care of that acid buildup we also have niacinamides so b3 is shown to do great things for the kidney and one of them it’s a phosphorus binder so it actually blocks the phosphorus from being absorbed and with kidney issues phosphorus is almost always a problem especially with dogs and pets so you want to make sure you’re blocking or binding that phosphorus and a lot of these phosphorus binders out there I see have aluminum hydroxide as the main ingredient. Yeah, that works but you’re giving your dog aluminum which is a heavy metal. It’s poison, we don’t use this anymore. They used to use it for kidney disease years ago. We don’t want to use aluminum, we don’t want to get aluminum toxicity. that you’re risking instead you can get b3 blocks the phosphorus and it’s good for cholesterol and heart health when poor kidney health is present.


The last ingredient we have some camu camu which provides a little vitamin c, it’s a super fruit and just a small dose of vitamin c to nourish and help those kidney cells function better as well as the whole body. It’s in a bacon flavor which all pets usually love. We usually don’t get a lot of complaints that their dogs aren’t taking it and especially with dogs are much easier than cats so you can generally get it in your dog without a problem. If there’s an issue you can always syringe feed it but you’ll almost always see good results within a short time using it within a couple of weeks we have a 60-day refund money-back guarantee if you don’t like it or your dog’s not eating it he just refuses and you don’t want a syringe. Whatever the reason, 60-day refund and our products are available on Amazon, our store, eBay, so you can check all those out or give us a call and visit our website at


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