Should You Eat Eggs In A Kidney Disease Diet? What Are The Risks?

Eggs in a kidney disease diet can be a great source of protein, even for diabetics with kidney disease. However, there are other factors you need to consider like phosphorus, protein, and cholesterol levels. So the real question here is “Can you eat eggs in a kidney disease diet?” Robert breaks down the pros and cons of eggs with kidney disease in this informative video. Thanks for watching our video today at healthy kidney inc, our channel here at youtube and our website is


Today we’re going to talk about eggs and chronic kidney disease. Can you have eggs as a kidney patient as someone with chronic kidney disease? We’re going to cite a little research from the nutrients 2018 journal egg intake and chronic kidney disease and they wrote up a little piece on if people should have eggs now before I go further if you’re new to our channel make sure to subscribe because we give lots of great free information to help you and empower you with your kidney health and from one kidney disease survivor to another. This is valuable stuff that will help you as it’s helped me have my kidney transplant 11 years longer than it’s supposed to, it’s still going pretty great, I have good kidney function and I have my own complications but I’m doing much better than if I didn’t take an active approach in my health eggs and chronic kidney disease.


Let’s go over little history of eggs so years ago we’re talking like 20 years ago or so we believe that eggs were were not good not good for cholesterol and so was a very common thing that you found of recommendations among anybody is that if you have high cholesterol avoid eggs and as time went on as research went on we know that’s not true and that healthy adults actually having eggs actually showed some positive impacts on cholesterol and it’s in the research that I’m just citing from the nutrients journal 2018 it talks about how eggs have a positive effect on people’s cholesterol levels in healthy adults and chronic kidney disease we don’t really know the impact of eggs but what we do know as they mention is that even with following the cholesterol recommendations it doesn’t have an impact for most people that have chronic kidney disease on their cholesterol level so they talk about eggs as being a viable source of protein now I always recommend a more vegan-vegetarian approach with limited or no animal protein.


If you are going to have animal protein, eggs can be a benefit now we look at eggs there are two parts, there’s the egg yolk and the egg whites now the egg yolk was always the part that had all the cholesterol in it that we worried about but they also found out now through years of research the egg yolk has vitamin d, lutein another great nutrient for your eye health your whole body so eggs are very beneficial. 


Now the problem with the yolk is its high phosphorus so if you have high phosphorus you should avoid the yolk and stick with egg whites or you try if you’re trying to be mindful of your phosphorus level use the egg whites and you can make a lot of great omelets with egg whites but if you don’t have a phosphorous issue, you can use the yolk and this is for people who want to include some type of animal protein in their diet the good thing about eggs is it doesn’t raise the blood sugar at all so it could be a good substitute for people that have or good food for people that have diabetic kidney disease.


If you have chronic kidney disease and you’re looking to add in an animal protein you want an animal protein like eggs that are a really good animal protein to have that’s very kidney-friendly. If you’re being very mindful of your phosphorus level or you have to be on a low phosphorus level just take the yolk out and use the egg whites and a lot of great combinations a lot of great things you can do with egg whites eggs in general from omelets to egg muffins with so many combinations if you’re wondering and you want to include some animal protein go for those eggs. To your best kidney health everybody, take a look at our channel, our other youtube videos, there is so much stuff that we give you that you can do to help yourself to help your kidney situation, thanks for watching everybody, bye. 

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