Exercise Recommendations For Chronic Kidney Disease

People with kidney disease can improve kidney health by exercising on a daily basis. Not only does exercise help manage high blood pressure, but it also reduces the stress on your kidneys and can assist in achieving normal kidney function. In today’s video Robert recommends exercises for chronic kidney disease.


Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Exercise with kidney disease as it’s so beneficial no matter what they study, exercise with kidney disease it’s shown to benefit from lowering inflammation to helping bone density helping you retain muscle and this new study shows it really helps depression and anxiety in people with kidney disease so thanks for watching this is Robert Galarowicz, naturopath, nutritionist, and kidney survivor. If you’re new to our channel subscribe because it allows other people to find our videos which can allow them this great information to help themselves in their kidney health.


Coming from the International Urology Nephrology Journal from May 2021, an exercise really helps improve people with anxiety and depression with kidney disease so everybody should exercise especially if you have kidney health issues because it’s not just shown to help the kidneys it helps every part of your body and it can really help your mood now. A couple of tips before you start exercising make sure you have medical clearance, make sure your doctor says it’s okay you might want to consider getting a trainer or a physical therapist someone that can show you the basics of exercise and the exercise that’s good for your age where an older person may start out with very basic exercises like sitting and standing in a chair so maybe a younger person with kidney disease can do a little bit more like a stationary bike, lifting light weights whatever it may be so make sure you get the proper guidance and you want to start slow and there are two types of exercise aerobic and anaerobic so the aerobic is cardiovascular which is a really important type of exercise and that could be just walking.


You can always just start walking to exercise and you can always begin slow even a couple of minutes a day, a couple of minutes a couple of times a day and you want to work yourself up to 15 minutes at least and anything from 15 minutes and further really starts to show good cardiovascular health benefits like mind benefits, body benefits and alleviating that depression and anxiety. You could also do weightlifting or resistance exercises or what we call anaerobic exercises and that’s where you’re helping your muscles and bones that are not as important as the cardiovascular. It’s still important they’re both very important but more important to do than cardiovascular aerobic exercise. As you move on, you want to incorporate some of that resistance light weight lifting or just bodyweight exercises like push-ups so get the proper guidance exercise so important even if you do it just a couple of times a week three times a week for 20 minutes even a walk outside really helps with the mind-body that anxiety depression and just feeling much better overall so check out our other videos into your best kidney health everyone, bye.

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