Exercising With Kidney Problems. The Perfect Amount Of Time Per Week


Exercise is important for all people, regardless of health status. When you have chronic kidney issues, however, you’d better believe fitness becomes ten times as important!

In today’s video, Robert reviews some of the best options people with kidney problems have for staying in shape and keeping themselves healthy by using the right fitness regimen.

When you have kidney disease, you’re more likely to succumb to a variety of other co-morbid illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and others. Studies have consistently demonstrated the multiple health benefits of exercise on these ailments and on kidney disease as well.

A variety of aspects of kidney disease itself are also positively impacted by consistent exercise. The first such area is the realm of emotional and mental well-being. Dealing with any chronic illness is supremely taxing on a person’s mental state. It’s only natural that anxiety and depression manage to work their way in and negatively impact quality of life. And often, exercise is the last thing a person wants to do when facing such depression and anxiety. According to a meta-analysis, however, there was a marked statistical difference in research study participants with CKD who were placed in a sedentary activity control group and a group that did exercise.

Unsurprisingly, the group that did exercise was able to better manage depression and anxiety symptoms than the sedentary group.

The second aspect impacted by exercise in kidney disease sufferers is bone health. Maintaining strong, healthy bones is typically a struggle in people living with impaired kidney function, as the vitamins necessary to keep bones strong are not absorbed as easily leading to a tendency to be more prone to fractures, sprains and even broken bones.


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