Feline Chronic Kidney Disease | Supplements to Improve Your Cat’s Kidney Health


Feline Chronic Kidney Disease | Supplements to Improve Your Cat’s Kidney Health

Today we’re talking about feline chronic kidney disease, and a fairly new kidney supplement to hit the market about a year ago called Porus One. We’re going to discuss what it is, if it’s helpful, and if you should try it to support your cat’s kidney health.

It’s a fairly new supplement for cats with kidney disease. It’s an old drug called AST-120. This drug isn’t available in the United States. They did do some studies here and they decided not to pursue it in the US for kidney issues, but it’s been available as a drug for kidney disease for people in Korea, Japan, and parts of Europe for many, many years.

What they did in the US is they repurposed it for now for cats with kidney disease. The main ingredient in Porus One is activated charcoal, which you can buy over the counter. And we know that when you take charcoal with kidney disease, it can clear the kidney toxins, the uremic toxins. So that’s what Porus One does. It comes in little packets of 500 milligrams and you give that to your cat. Follow label directions. What this does is it binds to those toxins, those uremic toxins, those kidney toxins in the gut, and your cat poops them out.

It generally works very well. We’ve been using this in people for a long, long time and since it’s done so well, they test it out on cats and it’s done very well. You can also use it for dogs. Indications are for cats. Now, if you do use this, make sure you follow the label directions. Check with your vet.

It’s available a lot of places online and if you do use this, you want to use it in combination with other supplements. We have our supplement called Kidney Restore for Cats and Dogs, which supports a lot of different avenues of kidney health. People have reported tremendous good results when they use both of these together, but check out Porus one.