Fiber Supports Normal Blood Sugar Level | Kidney Disease and Blood Sugar

Fiber Supports Normal Blood Sugar Level | Kidney Disease and Blood Sugar

This video is about a food substance. We’re talking about fiber; what it is, what it does, how much you should get, where to get it from, and how fiber supports normal blood sugar levels and it helps supports normal kidney function. If you have diabetic kidney issues, this is something you want to focus on something you want to get in your diet.

Fiber is a portion of plant material not digested. There’s two types, soluble and insoluble. Soluble means it dissolves in water, and insoluble doesn’t dissolve in water. You don’t get any fiber from animal sources, so it all comes from plants. The recommendation is at least 25 grams of fiber a day. There are a lot of fiber charts on the internet that you can look up but if you focus on getting fiber at each meal you’ll get up to those 25 grams generally in a day. You can go much higher with these amounts but when you get to that 25 grams it just does so many good things for your health.

It prevents the blood sugar from spiking and allows the blood sugar to rise more steadily. You get lots of good blood sugar support from fiber. Fiber comes from mainly fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You get some from nuts and seeds and small other places but the main source for most people is fruits and vegetables. Depending if you have a maybe a potassium restriction, if you have kidney issues, it may be a little bit difficult to get that 25 grams a day. You might need to supplement, but all fruits and vegetables have some type of fiber in them. Beans also have fiber.

Some kidney friendly fruits and vegetables to incorporate more often in your diet are apples, blueberries, red grapes, cauliflower, onions. You can do a little bit of broccoli. Unless you got to restrict potassium you most likely can have lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. This is going to provide you the fiber to prevent your blood sugar from spiking up, and also helps kidney health. It supports kidney health by helping sweep away and help support normal toxin elimination. It helps sweeps those toxins out of your body so a lot of good benefits. Fiber also supports good healthy cholesterol levels which could be an issue. You want to get fiber. You can see how important it is.

Another source of fiber is fiber supplements. You can buy fiber supplements. Now the pill forms I generally don’t recommend because you’re not going to get enough fiber to make a real difference in your health. You have to take many pills or chewables to get to that amount so we generally recommend powder fiber supplements. When you’re looking for one for blood sugar support and kidney support you want a fiber supplement that’s soluble. There’s a lot of them on the market. The most common one you’ll find is Psyllium, also is called Metamucil but they make Psyllium in a variety of other brands that you can find just about everywhere.

Any supermarket, pharmacies any place that sells vitamins. That’s excellent to get and you can take one to two tablespoons per meal so you can just mix it in a little water drink it down or any other beverage that you’re consuming. You can put it in a shake if you’re doing any type of shakes all right like like maybe a fruit smoothie or some type of other shake that you’re doing. You can always add it in there or just mix it and drink it down with every meal. At the end of the meal is fine or the middle wherever you want to consume it as long as it’s before or after eating within that time frame.

A better soluble fiber that has shown more benefits to support normal kidney function and also help support blood sugar levels is a type of fiber called acacia fiber. Acacia fiber is very therapeutic. It’s been studied heavily for helping support normal kidney function, helping support blood sugar levels, and helping support cholesterol. You can get acacia fiber online. Many health food stores have it. Healthy Kidney Inc. came out with an acacia fiber that we call advanced acacia fiber because it’s been shown to be miles above everybody else’s because it helps support more kidney health, more probiotic growth because acacia fiber also acts as a prebiotic.

All fibers to some degree act as a prebiotic. Soluble fibers are better prebiotic which make probiotics which then support normal elimination of kidney toxins. Our product is called Kidney Restore Bio Fiber. It’s available online at our store. Kidney Restore Bio Fiber is a patented type of fiber and the reason it’s patented is because it’s got over 40 studies on it showing how it does everything that acacia fiber does but it does it much much better. This means you get more support for normal blood sugar, more support for normal kidney function, plus more support for normal cholesterol levels. This is so many good things for you.

The point is of this video is that you need to get fiber in your diet because fiber supports normal blood sugar levels. Whether you use my product or not doesn’t matter if you want to improve your kidney health any fiber shows benefits. These show a little bit more benefit when you get to the psyllium and the acacia fibers but all of them show some degree of positive benefit benefit.