Fish Oil And Kidney Stones? | Omega 3’s And Kidney Disease

Can Fish Oil Cause Kidney Stones?

That is the question Robert answers in this short video. Fish oil has been known to support good kidney health but traditional views contradict that statement. While there is no direct connection between kidney stones and fish oil, Robert breaks down the answer and backs it up with multiple pieces of research on fish oil and kidney stones. 


Today we’re answering a question that is “Does Fish Oil Cause Kidney Stones?” This is a question we get sometimes and it goes back to a piece of research from a little while ago that showed there possibly may be an increased risk of kidney stones if you use omega-3 fatty acids which generally come from fish oil which is the preferred source because they’re high in that EPA a really good part of that fish oil. This is proven to not be true and actually, we have a lot of studies contradicting that and showing the opposite benefits so just to read you a couple of comparative studies in the Journal of Urology 2011, effective n3 fatty acids on calcium oxalate stone formation the Nutrients Journal from April 2020 effect of PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) on calcium oxalates stone formation and they also reference EPA Omega-3 fish oil in that fatty acid intake and incident nephrolithiasis that was through supplementation that is the Urolithiasis Journal 2019 in June.


We have a lot of research disproving this old point of omega threes or fish oil causing kidney stones and in some of these studies that actually showed a big reduction in kidney stones, one of them was a 24% reduction in developing stones compared to people who didn’t take that those fish oil supplements so if that’s your concern if that’s what you’re worried about don’t worry about the omega-3s as they have shown to benefit from fish oil for kidney health. In just about every area they study in there’s some type of benefit for your kidney health. Other benefits to your heart, kidney, brain, memory, and just so many good things for your body. Thanks for watching everybody that’s our answer to that question, subscribe if you haven’t already, and to your best kidney health, bye.


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