Foamy or Bubbly Urine Could Be Early Warning Sign of Kidney Damage

Urine can tell us a lot about what’s going on within the body, it can make us aware of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, mineral imbalances and more. Now, however, scientists are warning about the presence of bubbles in a person’s urine, saying it could be a sign of kidney damage. The kidneys filter the blood, removing toxins and wastes, which are then dispelled in urine. If a person has reduced or no kidney function for a substantial period of time, it becomes a chronic issue that they have to live with. 

Once the patient develops a chronic condition, they will have to have their blood filtered by a machine in a process called hemodialysis. Two of the top causes of chronic kidney problems are diabetes and hypertension. If the person in question and doctor can get blood sugar and hypertension under control, kidney injury can be delayed.

While medication is an option, many doctors encourage patients to change their eating habits. This includes going to a low-protein, kidney-friendly diet. Many studies have shown a low protein diet can delay kidney injury. Another known option is keto acid therapy.

Keto acid therapy uses ketoanalogues, a nitrogen-free version of essential amino acids. This reduces the work kidneys have to do, converting the nitrogenous waste into essential amino acids. Our very own Pure Kidney is a wonderful source of kidney-safe essential aminos. More nutrients will be absorbed and appetite will be improved.

If you observe bubbles in your urine, don’t panic. It could also be a fairly innocuous sign of full bladder, dehydration or pregnancy. Still, if you are consistently noticing foamy or excessively-bubbly urine, it’s something you should most definitely bring up with your healthcare provider.